Conservatism Inc.’s Erick Erickson Suggests ‘Military Coup’ to Stop Trump From Leaving Syria

“Conservative” Erick Erickson suggested Thursday that folks at all levels of our military are so outraged that they won’t have the chance to die in Syria as a result of President Trump pulling out that they might stage a coup to keep the war going.

“If we lived in a lesser country than our great nation, today is the day we really would be talking about a military coup,” Erickson tweeted. “Soldiers down to the enlisted ranks are raising hell about the President’s Syria decision.”

Incidentally, not everyone agreed:

Erickson later claimed he wasn’t advocating for a coup but merely saying our country is so great because “we live in a stable democracy where the military can disagree and still carry out orders.”

He also said everyone criticizing him is a Russian bot:

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