Unhinged establishment Never-Trumpers talk impeachment, coup, suicides over Mattis resignation

As our own Faye Higbee wrote Thursday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis will be retiring at the end of February after two years in the Trump cabinet.  According to reports, Mattis said that Trump “has the right to have a Secretary of Defense that is more aligned” with his views.

Higbee tells us:

We could have seen that coming when the announcement for troop pullout from Syria came on Wednesday. Reading Mr. Mattis’ letter explains some of the upheaval between the two for some time, although James Mattis is always one to follow orders. Until those orders make no sense to him, that is. When the President stopped listening to him, he resigned.

Naturally, this caused the Never-Trump Washington establishment from both sides of the political aisle to go into a collective meltdown with talk of impeachment, a military coup to oust the president and mass suicide.

Former AFP White House reporter Andrew Beatty, for example, tweeted: “Syria withdrawal, Afghanistan draw down, Mattis gone, govt shutdown looming, President making decisions on the fly. Almost any other place in the world the guys in camouflage would be at the TV station by now.”

Erick Erickson also suggested a military coup: “If we lived in a lesser country than our great nation, today is the day we really would be talking about a military coup. Soldiers down to the enlisted ranks are raising hell about the President’s Syria decision.”

Foreign Policy Pentagon reporter Lara Seligman tweeted this: “I think I speak for all national security reporters tonight when I say I’m about ready to jump off a cliff. But at least I already wrote the “who will replace Mattis” story two months (only two months?????) ago.”

Fake Washington Post “conservative” blogger Jennifer Rubin, well-known for her blind, seething hatred of Trump, added this: “it is time for Senate Republicans to seriously consider removing Trump in the event the House moves to impeach. Trump is a menace to our democracy and national security.”

The Washington Post’s Matt Viser added this:

And the Wall Street Journal weighed in:

Unhinged Hollywood leftist Ed Asner tweeted:

Nancy Pelosi expressed her concern:

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe warned of a possible nuclear war without Mattis at the Defense Department:

One person reminded us of this:

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And the nation continued to exist.  But now we’re supposed to believe it’s the end of the space-time continuum because Mattis will be gone at the end of February.

Something tells us the continuum — and the nation — will survive, despite the establishment’s apparent desire for armed civil unrest…

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line

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