YouTuber identifies 27 anomalies in the California Camp Fire

On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire devastated the California town of Paradise reducing thousands of homes to ash as freakishly high winds carried hot ambers through the air which somehow against all odds ignited trees, telephone poles, homes, and vehicles from the inside out. 

Not to mention the “boiling reservoir at Concow Dam,” as the narrator of the YouTube channel points out in a video published January 29.

“Notice the boiling river,” he explains in the video. “Notice the water. What is causing it to circulate?”

The YouTuber went on to show melted aluminum and steel near plastic that was unaffected by the extreme temperatures.

Why were large metal I-beams and wrought iron fences and vehicles twisted like pretzels?

What were the “blue light flashes” which many eyewitnesses have alluded to?

How does a forest fire burn primarily only homes?

These are the questions that must be asked.

Courtesy of Intellihub

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