So much for that worthless House resolution.  On Thursday, newly-elected Democrat-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a fundraising email in which she claims the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is coming after her and others and called for an end to the special relationship between the United States and Israel.

According to NTK Network:

“It’s official — AIPAC is coming after Alexandria, Ilhan, and Rashida,” the email said. “Rashida, Ilhan, and Alexandria have times dated to questions out foreign policy, and the influence of money in our political system. And now, lobbying groups across the board are working to punish them.”

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The email then asked for people to contribute to help “keep up the fight against lobbying and special interests of all forms in Washington.”

“Some members of Congress have even gone so far as to claim that ‘questioning support for the US-Israel relationship is unacceptable.’ But that’s not how our legislative process is supposed to work,” the email continued. “Just a decade ago, it was ‘unacceptable’ to not support the war in Iraq. And we all saw what resulted from that lack of discussion and negotiation.”

There’s more:

“In this administration and all others, there should be no special relationship or status,” the email said. “We should actively check anti-Semitism, anti-blackness, homophobia, racism, and all other forms of bigotry.”

“Racism and bigotry of all forms are inextricably linked. And when we let Republicans pit champions for equality and equity against each other, their own hateful rhetoric is what goes unaddressed,” the email concluded.

“This is insanity,” said a post at Townhall.

Indeed it’s insane, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from the self-declared “boss” of the destructive Green New Deal, a scheme designed to destroy the U.S. economy for generations of Americans.

No wonder she was castigated as a “pompous little twit.”

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line