What if two of the largest news stories in the past decade came to their respective ends within the same 24 hour time period and nobody ever questioned that or made any inferences between them?

In late May of 2011 according to the Pew research center, “Barack Obama was at the top of the headlines, making him the dominant newsmaker in 10% of all stories during the week of April 25-May 1.”  Two/thirds of his stories were directed to his place of birth and or parents.  He had just released a long form birth certificate.

Again according to the Pew Research center, “Trump, in his second week in a row as the No. 2 newsmaker, featured prominently in 5% of all stories studied. His presidential aspirations were overshadowed by his questions about Obama’s place of birth, and later, by his reaction to the White House’s publicizing of Obama’s birth certificate.”

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The tone of the media coverage about the birther movement story line can best be summed up by reading Pews line of the week, “The facts about Obama’s birth never wavered.  But the more fraudulent theories were debated and dispelled on major media outlets, the more people seemed to believe them.  Brian Stelter -The New York Times.

By late May Trump had firmly taken the leadership position within the birther movement and became its storyline.  His own personal investigators were doing a complete discovery into Obama’s birth records and he was promising a “big forthcoming announcement.”

That announcement would never come. Instead much to everyone’s surprise Trump shows up at the White House correspondence dinner April 30th and is epically roasted by Obama himself.   If you haven’t seen the roast you need to check it out on YouTube. It is hilarious and possibly one of the most ruthless psychological disinformation operations ever.   Let’s just say Trump would never ever again represent birther claims and his birther base was left stunned.

The next day at about 4 PM President Obama would be given word that the final chapter of one biggest stories ever had come to an end.  A decade long man hunt for the man responsible for 9/11 was captured and killed.  Osama Bin Ladens demise would take up 90 percent of the news cycle over the next week and dominate long into the year.  The birthers shocked from the prior night and now left in awe with Bin Ladens capture would never get their announcement and their movement was decapitated.  Until now?!

For some reason an article written by Dean Garrisons on the birther story line reared its ugly head!? He was commenting on how John Mcain was selected to run against Obama because McCain himself admittedly was not born on us soil, a sort of cover for Obama.   This was old news to most anyone who has followed this story for years.

So I wrote Mr. Garrison and asked why he and all media never talk about the most obvious fact regarding the birther movement. The fact that within 24 hours of Trump supposedly meeting Obama for the first time the birther movement is crushed. Never again to be championed by Trump and for sure considered in the media.  Even though new evidence and scientific criminal research has been discovered on the long form certificate.  I also asked Mr Garrison, What if Trump himself colluded with Obama to squash the birther movement?

Garrison gave no reply and mentioned to write a story and I will print it.  Thus I shall submit this story line now with one caveat.    You also publish my solution.

What if we are all guilty?  What if a system was created that encouraged all of us to be greedy enough to give.   To be transparent, moral based on what we advertise as moral, and giving.  What if by the grace of God I have designed such an edification application.  Would one or two of you help me get on with the job and finish it?

You see what if relatively Obama’s just did the best with what he had been given in life.  What if Obama was born of a father who was from a foreign land and not on us soil.  What if he had duel citizenship.  What if from the time he was young everyone seen great potential and hope in him.  What was he suppose to do?  Walk away from a better college and not use his minority status to realize his highest potential?  What if as years went on more and more people seen hope in him.  What was he suppose to do?  Walk away from all of their hope and faith in him?  So his crime is what?  He told a white lie about who is real father was in his book?   I mean come on he had like three of them counting his grandfather who probably was his most like anything real father.  He probably is still confused today. Anyone who has had split families or step parents know that.  So what if he was covering up his biological  father for reasons he was shamed on him.  It is his own darned business.  And as for where he was born.  Name one of you who can remember where you were born or can prove it with your own  life.  You can’t.  Obama’s was wrong to print the forged document about his birth later but you know what.  Maybe we would have had a revolution if he hadn’t.

As for Trump all you haters have short memories.  From long before Obama was on the scene black white male and female rich and poor were rooting Trump on to become president.  He did not want to.  So he made the choice to help Obama squash the birther movement.  So what?   The very same birthers who love him now got him as their president.  There is no reason why Trump and Obama can’t come forward now and ask for us to forgive them.  They probably should not have done what they did but all the birthers wanted was transparency and equal justice under the law for all man.  There is no need for us to throw the baby out with the bath water and destroy the greatest civic society the plant had ever seen.  What we can do though now is recognize s bit of a breakdown.  It is time for the people to save this nation.  For us to not hope in a president or a personality.  But to collectively all die our part in this republic.

We can start today by forgiving and recognizing that all parties and presidents have fallen short.  We must all be accountable and it is time to create a new department.  A department called common core morality and technology.  It is an agency designed to recognize what we as Americans identify with and provide technological mechanisms which encourage or edify or elect us all to win.  To Win in this national election race called life.  We all are running for President, citizens not just Obama or Trump.  We the people need to help encourage each other to be, to be the best we decide to be, freely protecting our civil liberties to decide our own morality.  And using technology, government and the grace of loving God.  These need not be mutually exclusive interests.  Please contact me if you wish to help me get on with finishing the edification election app.  Yet before I provide my email address let me ask you again?  What if Trump helped squash the birther movement?   Who would be more guilty Obama,Trump, the Senators who did not due their diligence?   What if nobody contemplated this?   Maybe we would have missed a golden learning experience for humanity.  That is we all our viewing our world through one perspective.  There has yet to be made a system that enables for multiple perspectives on our behavior to be witnessed and evaluated.  Where there is no reputation societies fall.  It is now time to interject reputation back into society.   And it starts with ourselves.  We can not blame our leaders.  We must lol to forgive and personally take responsibility for our own lives s d futures but also promote technology which can encourage all of us to be transparent and moral as we do freely define that.  This can be done.

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