Fox News host Tucker Carlson trounced CNN’s entire prime time line up in the ratings last week and now they’re responding by issuing veiled threats to his advertisers and pushing to get him kicked off the air.

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(Tucker said illegal immigrants have an issue with littering.)

Despite Google rigging their algorithm to give CNN top billing on Google search and YouTube, no one wants the propaganda they’re pushing.

As they can’t compete on substance, CNN’s is instead lobbying to have Tucker Carlson’s show shut down, much in the same way they got Alex Jones kicked off YouTube and social media.

In a peice titled, “Tucker Carlson’s new normal? Commercial breaks with few commercials” by Tom Kludt (pictured above), CNN indirectly issued veiled threats towards anyone who would dare to advertise on Tucker’s show:

“It’s a part of the Fox News brand to shock and have their hosts take divisive stances,” said Mimi Chakravorti, the executive director at the branding firm Landor. “But as the ad revenue stream gets threatened and public voices get louder it may get harder to justify sticking by these hosts.It’s a fine balance Fox News has to maintain — to cater to their base but also not to cross a certain line.”

[…]Last Wednesday, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” drew nearly 3.5 million total viewers, including 584,000 in the all-important 25-54 demographic, easily besting the show’s counterparts in the 8 pm hour on CNN and MSNBC. But while those advertisers who have stayed with the show continue to reach a large audience, they could be taking a risk; Chakravorti said that “to think an advertiser’s decision, whether to stay or leave, is erased from public memory is dangerous.”

“A brand is not built in one action. History cannot be erased in our digital, media filled age,” Chakravorti said. “For example, if a brand celebrates International Women’s Day in a big, public way, but also advertises on a show where the host has said misogynist things, they risk losing consumers. They can’t play both sides. People are looking for brands to be principled and purpose driven.”

“If you stay you’re saying your brand is aligned with Tucker Carlson — past and present,” she added. “If you leave, you’re saying you’re not aligned with Tucker’s views.”

Does this mean everyone who advertises on CNN thinks Kanye West is a “token negro”?

Here’s a screenshot of the Twitter account of this “brand expert” CNN seems to have handpicked to deliver this veiled threat:

Her last post is another article from 2017 pushing the advertiser boycott against Bill O’Reilly.

CNN pushed a similar ad boycott against Breitbart late last year where they suggested their webpage was “hate news.”

It’s not enough for our parasitic rulers that the entire internet is being censored and all of Big Tech’s algorithms are being rigged to favor their propaganda and suppress alternative media — they need all their competition to be shut down.

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