Journalist Jerome Corsi says Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange may be the key to taking down the Democrats fake Rusian collusion news narrative and the credibility of Mueller’s entire investigation.

(INTELLIHUB) — Journalist Jerome Corsi appeared on Fox Business on Friday where he told host Trish Regan that he believes Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is being “unjustly prosecuted.”

“I would recommend that Julian Assange fight back just like I did,” Corsi said. “In fact, I think that Julian Assange should come back and open up the Seth Rich case.”

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Corsi, who was also included in Special Council Robert Mueller’s botched Russian collusion investigation, said that “Assange has information that could absolutely destroy the Russian collusion hoax” and said that “the deep state hates him because he exposes government secrets.”

Additionally, the 72-year-old journalist made clear that he has never talked to Assange but did listen to all of his press conferences.

Now that Julian Assange is in custody, could the situation be used against the Democrats?