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We’ve seen ISIS videos in which some poor captive(s) had their heads chopped off.

You should know that little Muslim kids in America are threatening to do that — to “chop off” people’s heads for Islam.

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Founded in 1993 by the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim American Society (MAS) is a nonprofit organization that describes itself as an Islamic revival and reform movement. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, MAS has over 50 chapters across the United States. In 2014, MAS was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

On April 22, 2019, the Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia uploaded to its Facebook page a disturbing video of an “Ummah Day” celebration, in which Muslim kids say they would sacrifice themselves and torture and kill for the “army of Allah”.

Ummah, the Arabic word for “community”, is a synonym for the Islamic community” — the global community or commonwealth of Muslims.

The video begins with young children wearing Palestinian scarves singing: “Glorious steeds call us and lead us [to] the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The blood of martyrs protects us…. Take us, oh ships…until we reach our shores and crush the treacherous ones…. Flow, oh rivers of martyrs!”

Then a young girl reads a poem praising martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Palestine, and asks: “Will [Jerusalem] be a hotbed for cowards?”

Another young girl declares: “We will defend [Palestine] with our bodies…. We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque…. We will subject them to eternal torture!”