DC Clothesline is Moving… Today We Join the Resistance

I just wanted to write a brief note to let everyone know that DC Clothesline is moving now and activity may be light for a day or two.

We are moving to Klicked to stand shoulder to shoulder with numerous other conservative sites.

Here’s a short list of other Klicked Network sites:

Greg Holt from True Conservative Pundit is joining us as well I think. Greg is my friend and a great Christian I recommended he move over as well.

There are other sites in the network. These are the sites that I am aware of.

Why are we moving?

It’s pretty simple. The enemy is coming from every direction. In order to survive we have to unite.

We need allies.

The next year is critical. If mainstream media has their way we will drown in a sea of liberal blue in 2020.

Those of us that are still fighting are banning together and starting to regain ground that has been lost. We will not give up the fight, EVER.

Conservative media is NOT dead.

This is not about money or business.

This is about fighting alongside the best of the best and I am proud to be joining the Klicked family (again).

If you need something fresh to read today you can hop on over to our sister site at DC Dirty Laundry.

God Bless you patriots!


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