Editor’s Note: A pregnant woman who thinks she’s a man, just lost a baby because she could not face reality. Society is warped and possibly warped beyond repair. This woman needs psychiatric treatment, not a society that pats her on the back and tells her she can be whatever she wants to be, including a man. God chooses what we are biologically. That is not our choice to make. -Dean

(Natural News) A 32-year-old woman who thinks she’s a “man” recently gave birth to a dead child – a dead child who would have lived, by the way, had its deranged, mentally-ill mother correctly indicated her natural biology upon being admitted to the hospital.

Reports indicate that this brain-damaged adult patient, who self-identifies as a “transgender,” listed herself as a “male” on electronic medical records, which thus confused hospital staff.

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Because this same patient had made herself appear male on the outside, emergency personnel simply thought she was an obese man who was suffering from severe abdominal pains as a result of not taking his blood pressure medication.

To make matter worse, this biological woman incorrectly told hospital staff that she had “peed himself,” which was really an indication that she was in labor and about to bear a child. A nurse then ordered a pregnancy test just to be sure, but because the woman looked like a “man,” he was deemed “stable,” and his issues “non-urgent.”

It was several hours later after a doctor’s evaluation that the woman was, indeed, determined to be pregnant. An ultrasound reportedly showed “unclear signs of fetal heart activity,” as well as that part of the baby’s umbilical cord “had slipped into the birth canal.”

However, as hospital staff were preparing to deliver the woman’s baby via cesarean section, it was already too late: The child was born dead, all because its mother was duped into believing the lies of the LGBT death cult.

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LGBT mafia blames hospital for child’s death, says doctors failed to “meet the needs” of “transgender” patient

It will hardly come as a surprise to most people reading this that the Cult of LGBT was quick to blame the hospital, if you can believe it, rather than this deranged transgender, for the death of her innocent child.

In a statement, Dr. Tamara Wexler, a “hormone specialist” at New York University‘s (NYU) Langone Medical Center, said that this is “a very upsetting incident” with “a tragic outcome,” placing the blame squarely on the doctors and nurses who tried to help this transgender lunatic.

“Medical training should include exposure to transgender patients,” Wexler lamented in perfect political correctness. “A lot of doctors who are practicing didn’t have that in their training.”

How, exactly, a medical professional is supposed to be “trained” in the art of figuring out how to discern a patient’s true sex in the age of LGBT fantasy and play-pretend is anyone’s guess, especially when LGBT patients like this one lie about their natural biology.

But to Wexler and other members of the LGBT thought police, including Dr. Daphna Stroumsa from the University of Michigan, a man-looking female who claims to specialize in the “healthcare needs of gender and sexual minorities,” it somehow needs to happen – because whatever an LGBT identifies as, regardless of what science has to say about the matter, is who or what that LGBT magically becomes.

“He was rightly classified as a man,” Stroumsa reportedly told The Associated Press, again inferring that it was the hospital’s fault for not having been able to determine that an apparent man lying about “his” sex actually had a uterus, and a human baby growing inside of “him.”

“But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs,” Stroumsa went on to say, indicating that she, or he, or they, or it (we’re really not sure) sees nothing wrong with LGBTs lying about their true sex and killing other human beings, so long as one’s “correct pronoun” or “gender identity” is acknowledged.

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