(Natural News) Before the global warming era, which began sometime during the 1980s, there was a different theory that had scientists around the world shaking in their boots: global cooling and an impending “ice age.” The global cooling scare of the 1970s is now proclaimed to be nothing more than an urban myth, but at one time it was indeed a very real concern.

The National Center For Atmospheric Research is the U.S. federal government’s top authority on climate science. And in 1974, Steven Schneider was at its helm. Back then, Schneider was a proponent of “global cooling,” stating that the dropping temperatures would lead to a massive food shortage. Sounds familiar, right? One solution proposed at the time was to melt the Arctic ice cap. The narrative from the 1970s mirrors that of the global warming discussion today: The planet’s temperature is changing, people will starve, and only extreme human intervention can save us from a perilous fate. Only today, scientists are exploring perhaps even more appalling options — such as blocking the sun’s rays to artificially cool the Earth’s temperature.

Despite the climate alarmists’ attempts at pretending that the “global cooling scare” never existed, evidence of its existence remain

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Global cooling is now often described as “fake,” and a quick search reveals that many mainstream media sources now say that there was little support for the hypothesis from the scientific community. A 2014 article by Gizmodo’s io9 claims that most scientists were convinced that global warming was the real problem, and that the theory of global cooling was overwhelmingly rejected. But is that really true? As Breitbart reports, “[T]he vast majority of scientific papers (220 out of 264) supported the cooling thesis.” Internal documents reveal that in the 1970s, even the federal government was looking into the problem of global cooling.

Revisionist history is as much of a problem as ever. As Kenneth Richard from No Tricks Zone reveals, there was an 86 percent consensus among the scientific community that the earth was on a cooling path, back in the day.

The elimination of the “global cooling theory” serves one purpose: to legitimize the theory of global warming. Of course, as Mike Adams explains in a recent article (and video), the idea that carbon dioxide causes global warming is a total farce. Not only is carbon dioxide at a global low, but it is essential for plant life to thrive.

Adams writes, “While climate change alarmists absurdly claim CO2 is a pollutant, they neglect to tell you that without CO2, we would all die of starvation because every ecosystem on the planet would almost instantly collapse. If CO2 were dropped to zero, Earth would become a barren global desert of death entirely incapable of supporting human life at all.”

Despite the climate alarmists’ attempts at manipulating science to shock the world’s populations into submission, the fact is that global warming and global cooling are all part of the same scam — they’re just at different ends of the spectrum. Global warming has become the prevailing theory in climate science purely because it’s more convenient. Proponents of global warming need the “global cooling scare” to be perceived as “fake” to maintain their authority and credibility.

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