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The filthy conditions of Democrat-run U.S. cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are so alarming that even the New York Times is acknowledging that fact.

On May 22, 2019, the New York Times published an op/ed, “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals,” by the paper’s opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo, calling “progressives” hypocrites for abandoning “progressive values in their own backyards”. (H/t FOTM reader Big Lug)

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Manjoo writes:

When the cost of living is taken into account, billionaire-brimming California ranks as the most poverty-stricken state, with a fifth of the population struggling to get by. Since 2010, migration out of California has surged.

The basic problem is the steady collapse of livability. Across my home state, traffic and transportation is a developing-world nightmare. Child care and education seem impossible for all but the wealthiest. The problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives — what was a crisis is now an emergency that feels like a dystopian showcase of American inequality….

Manjoo then describes the “unlivable” conditions in San Francisco, which he calls “Nancy Pelosi’s city”. It’s a city of stark contrasts of great wealth and squalor, where one of every 11,600 residents is a billionaire, yet “the streets there are a plague of garbage and needles and feces,” and homeless veterans eke out a living surviving on trash from billionaires’ mansions. But the city’s heartless rich actually are crowdfunding a legal effort against a proposed homeless shelter by claiming the shelter to be an environmental hazard.

400 miles south of San Francisco is the Democrat-run and equally unlivable Los Angeles — California’s biggest city and the second largest U.S. city in population, numbering 4 million.

A news video from NBC4 LA describes the atrocious conditions in Los Angeles (h/t DCG’s “Liberal utopia of Los Angeles: Rotting trash and rat infestation fuels health concerns“):

  • Hundreds of filthy homeless encampments where people live in piles of garbage.
  • Streets even in downtown L.A. littered with piles of rotting garbage uncollected in weeks, even months, infested with rats and disease-carrier fleas.
  • Orkin pest control ranks L.A. as the second most rat-infested city in the U.S. (Atlanta, Georgia is the first), but the L.A. city government has no program, like that in New York city and Washington, DC, to control the ever-growing rat population.
  • Last fall, fleas infected with typhus were found on rescue dogs in L.A. animal shelters.

The Calcutta-like conditions of Los Angeles prompted famous TV addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky to predict a major infectious disease epidemic this summer, putting at risk thousands of lives.

On Thursday, May 23, on Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show, Dr. Pinsky said:

I live in the great state of California, the utopia that is California, which is a nightmare. I want to give you a prediction here. There will be a major infectious disease epidemic this summer in Los Angeles.

We have tens and tens of thousands of people living in tents. Horrible conditions. Sanitation. Rats have taken over the city. We’re the only city in the country, Los Angeles, without a rodent control program. We have multiple rodent-borne, flea-borne illnesses, plague, typhus. We’re gonna have louse-borne illness. If measles breaks into that population, we have tuberculosis exploding. Literally, our politicians are like Nero. It’s worse than Nero.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel like I’m on a train track waving at the train and the train is going to go off the bridge. The bridge is out.

Here’s what I want to do, I want to take away qualified immunity from the politicians so we can go after them for reckless negligence.

The Los Angeles city government consists of:

  • Mayor Eric Garcetti, Democrat.
  • City Attorney Mike Feuer, Democrat.
  • City Controller Ron Galperin, Democrat.
  • City Council: 14 of the 15 City Council members are Democrat (the remaining member is Republican).