Pelosi Calls for Christian Leaders to Stand Against Trump’s Deportations

June 24, 2019 Dean James 0

“Tomorrow is Sunday, and as many people of faith attend religious services, the President has ordered heartless raids.  It is my hope that before Sunday, leaders of the faith-based community and other organizations that respect the dignity and worth of people will call upon the President to stop this brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities.”

Angela Merkel has the Hillary-Clinton shakes

June 22, 2019 Dr. Eowyn 0

…Merkel, who turns 65 next month, smiled broadly after a reporter asked whether her shaking was cause for concern. She replied that she was dehydrated and that she was fine: “Since then I’ve drunk at least three glasses of water, which I apparently needed, and now I’m doing very well.”