Editor: This is why I can not stomach top national Dems even one bit. The party has turned into a bunch of raving madmen and women, who have no respect for anything good and live to trash the USA. Kamala Harris is promising to rule like a dictator and has no respect  for anything this country was built on. To trash military Dads on Father’s Day is simply unforgivable. -Dean

In an apparent effort to foment hate while pushing America to the brink of a second, bloody civil war, Democrat Kamala Harris, the California Senator running for the White House, issued a maddening Father’s Day tweet in which she compared deployed military fathers to illegal immigrants and accused criminals.

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Worse yet, she listed them last in her list.

“Today I’m thinking of the fathers who can’t be with their children because they were ripped from their sons and daughters at the border. The fathers who can’t celebrate today because they can’t afford bail. The fathers who are deployed. Don’t forget them,” she tweeted.

Response on Twitter was pretty much what you’d expect.

Says a lot about Kamala Harris, doesn’t it?

Probably true…

That would be nice, but that wouldn’t be the liberal way, since absolutely EVERYTHING must be politicized.  Even Father’s Day.

That’s the Democrat way.

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ust think, America.  THIS is your Democrat Party.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone…

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line