Responding to news that the U.S. would be sending an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East to “bolster security for forces and allies in the region from what authorities say is a growing threat from Iran,” Ilhan Omar, the America-hating, terrorist-loving, anti-Semitic Democrat representative from Minnesota, suggested appeasing Iran by reinstating Obama’s nuclear deal.

“None of this would be happening if Trump didn’t back out of the Iran nuclear deal,” she said on Twitter, blaming the president for Iran’s belligerence.  “America’s response should be to return to the table and reinstate the Iran nuclear deal,” she added.  “Increasing tensions and threats of war serve nobody’s interests.”

Translation: Let’s appease the mullahs in Tehran who call for “death to America” because that strategy always worked so well.  Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Never mind that Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism…

Response on Twitter was pretty much what you’d expect.

Consistently wrong and consistently siding with America’s enemies.

One person tried giving Omar a short history lesson — as if she would actually take the time to read it.

That pretty much sounds like it to us.

One person suggested:

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We agree.  Better yet, someone who actually likes America needs to soundly defeat her in the next election…

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line