After Governor Cuomo signed into law a piece of legislation that would give illegal aliens the right to a New York Driver’s License…

All Hell Has Broken Loose!

The Bill was signed into law on Monday, as reported by The New York Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday night signed legislation granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants — shortly after the controversial measure passed the state Senate.

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Cuomo’s action came despite throwing supporters a last minute curveball by asking the state’s top civil attorney, Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, to review the measure for possible safety concerns — threatening to veto it if he didn’t like her assessment.

“You could create a database for the feds to use to actually track down undocumented people,” Cuomo said on WAMC radio. “California passed a law, and they are now in litigation.”

That may be true but the real curveball would seem to be another way that Dems are trying to stuff the ballot boxes in their favor AND several county clerks are refusing to comply.

Red State reports about an unlikely duo, a Republican and Democrat working together, trying to stop this nonsense:

Here’s a surprise: A Republican and Democrat are working together on the same idea.

No, really.

And the Dynamic Duo is fighting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On Monday evening, Cuomo signed the Green Light bill into law, requiring that county clerks issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

But Eerie County Clerk Michael “Mickey” Kearns (D) and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo (R) ain’t into it.

So they’re suing.

As reported by Buffalo’s WIVB 4, Mickey sent a letter to Eerie County Attorney Michael Siragusa a day after the signing requesting representation in the suit.

He plumb refuses:

“I will not be granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. As the duly elected Clerk of the County of Erie, I took an oath whereby I solemnly swore to ‘support’ the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of New York, and I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Erie County Clerk according to the best of my ability.’”

As for Cheryl, she bypassed the county clerk and declared war.

Check out her chutzpah:

It gets better.

Way better!

Daily Caller is reporting on four Clerks that are refusing to issue DL’s to illegals:

New York clerks in upstate counties are refusing to comply with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recently passed “Green Light law,” mandating they issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Clerks in Rensselaer, Niagara, Chautauqua and Allegany Counties are refusing to comply with the law following Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns’s statements to the press that he will not grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“I go back to the Constitution. You’re not supposed to help or aid anybody if they’re here illegally, especially if we know that,” Frank Merola, Rensselaer County Clerk, told ABC 10.

Merola also added that a driver’s license is not a right. Instead, “It’s a privilege.” He told the outlet his wife is a naturalized citizen and he is by no means “anti-immigrant.” He added, that he hasn’t spoken to anyone in law enforcement that thinks this is a “good idea” and he anticipates to be bombarded with passports he can’t even read.

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore completely rejects the bill.  “I don’t mind sitting in jail for a few days,” he told WGRZ 2.

Barmore sent a letter to the media saying he “will not allow the DMV offices to charge the way we issue licenses.” He also details that proponents of the bill argue it will help illegals get to work, but the act of hiring aliens is a federal offense.

Allegany County Clerk Robert Christman follows the trend.

“Threats from an individual or a bureaucracy are the least of my worries,” he said.

Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski spoke out as well, he told media, Cuomo’s bill is “silly” and he’s “totally against it.” He will also fight the bill’s principles “tooth and nail.

Thank God that some people, even Democrats, still care about the Constitutionality of sneaky legislation like this “Green Light Law.”

This is just another obvious attempt at gaining more illegal votes for Democrats. The Dead Voters just aren’t enough anymore.

Dean Garrison is the publisher at DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry