“On the evidence of two witnesses or three witnesses, he who is to die shall be put to death; he shall not be put to death on the evidence of one witness.” -Deuteronomy 17:6

“A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.” -Deuteronomy 19:15

“But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.” -Matthew 18:16

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“This is the third time I am coming to you EVERY FACT IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE TESTIMONY OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES.” -2 Corinthians 13:1

“Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses.” –1 Timothy 5:19

“Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercyon the testimony of two or three witnesses.” –Hebrews 10:28

Over and over and over again, our foundations as not only Christians, but as Americans is that there are to be two or three witnesses against a person, but more and more, we are seeing that a single person can somehow be used to totally destroy a person with their mouth.

In a recent episode of LivePD on A&E, the reality of the unconstitutional and unlawful actions by police based on red flagtype “laws,” demonstrates the tyranny that results.

Here’s the clip.

People often ask me about the balance of reporting, well, when you have A&E and hour long shows like cops, do you ever see corrupt and criminal cops displayed?  Well, yes, sometimes you do, like in the clip above, though they are portrayed as lawful.

However, notice something.

This is a clear case of “he-said-she-said.”

There is no evidence that this guy said any of the things the woman claimed he said.

Not only does he seem oblivious to the wife’s claims, but so do the other people in the house, including the woman’s mother.

Yet, cops drew their guns on an unarmed man and started barking out orders with nothing to go on but a woman’s unsubstantiated claim.

Furthermore, they went in his home without a warrant, confiscated his guns, a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment, and put him under arrest.

This is not only what many states are promoting as lawful, but what members of Congress are promoting and the president of the united States!

It is lawless and it is criminal.

Additionally, the claim that the police officer makes about this man having a gun lock on his rifle being “responsible” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s actually one of the most irresponsible things one can do with a gun.

It makes it a very expensive rock or club and nothing more.

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Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

h/t The Washington Standard