(Natural News) We’ve been warning for months that unless members of the loose-knit, would-be domestic terrorist group Antifa did not stop their gang attacks against lone conservatives that eventually it would start a massive backlash from the political Right.

That day appears to have arrived, or soon will.

On Saturday, Trump-supporting Quillettejournalist Andy Ngo was attacked, robbed, and hospitalized by Antifa thugs who pelted him with quick-drying cement, stones, fists, and feet as he attempted to cover their latest demonstration in downtown Portland, Ore., the city that has become ground zero for the Alt-Left-s ‘revolution.’

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Ngo was pummeled badly enough he developed a small brain bleed and was hospitalized overnight. The beating prompted outrage from the Right, calls for federal intervention from some lawmakers including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and a well-deserved lawsuit against the guilty parties.

For many on the Right, the attack against Ngo was one too many. Now, according to Big League Politics, a massive rally of conservatives and pro-Trump supporters is being planned for Aug. 17 in Portland, which could lead to outright war between political factions — because the radical Left has refused to curb its violence.

Big League Politics notes further: 

The Proud Boys and conservatives are planning a large “End Domestic Terrorism” rally to push back against Portland Antifa following a weekend of violence that saw journalist Andy Ngo brutally beaten and attacked with milkshakes, and an elderly man’s skull fractured after being attacked with a metal bar. 

As noted by Enrique Tarrio, head of the Proud Boys and a co-organizer of an upcoming rally in Washington, D.C., called “Demand Free Speech” — which has been threatened with acid attacks by Antifa Leftists — the Portland event is designed specifically to push back against what he describes as “domestic terrorism.” (Related: Left-wing Antifa terrorists brutally assault journalist in Portland, throw cement “milkshakes” as kinetic weapons while police stand and watch.)

“We’re planning this massive rally with the calm, peaceful intention to push back against the violence from Antifa,” Tarrio told Big League Politics. “The Portland Mayor and police need to understand that conservatives are peaceful people who just want to our First Amendment protected.

“It’s good that the Portland police want to do their job,” noted Tarrio further. “So long as they do their job, the Proud Boys will have a peaceful rally, and there will be multiple Antifa arrests.”

‘We’re going to have a rally one way or the other’

Tarrio notes that he would like to see at least, 1,000 conservatives show up for the Portland event. He also said he’s in preliminary discussions with Right-leaning speakers from around the country to address the rally as well.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is being blamed by some for being a co-conspirator in the attack against Ngo for allegedly ordering his police department to stand down and not confront Antifa thugs, an allegation he has denied.

What’s more, the Portland Police Association (because Leftists can’t call it a “department”) has also attempted to lay equal blame on the Proud Boys and Antifa for last weekend’s violence.

But, Big League Politics noted, video and the march route provided to the news organization by Proud Boys member Joshua Hall indicates that his organization was at least a 30-minute walk from where Ngo was assaulted. That directly contradicts PPA claims that the group was also involved in violence associated with Ngo’s attack.

In an official statement posted to the Portland Police Association’s Facebook page, Hall noted: “It’s time for our Mayor to do two things: tell both ANTIFA and Proud Boys that our City will not accept violence…and remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action.”

Tarrio said he believes the city of Portland will deny him a permit for the August 17 demonstration, but will follow the letter and spirit of the law to have a rally anyway. 

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And so it begins. What’s this about “resistance?” 

Read more about a potential civil war caused by Antifa at CivilWar.news and AntifaWatch.news.

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