(Natural News) Watch this powerful, 4-minute warning video below, and you will be absolutely shocked to learn how rapidly the window of “allowable speech” is collapsing.

The evil, authoritarian tech giants are obliterating any remaining shred of free speech, a universal human right. At first, they targeted Trump supporters and conservatives. Then the censorship targeted Christians and people quoting Bible scripture. Now, they’re censoring all speech about vaccines, GMOs and natural cancer cures.

If this isn’t stopped, internet users will soon be:

  • Banned for talking about nutrition, including natural food cures for diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • Banned for criticizing LGBTP pedophilia indoctrination of children, or the organized rape of children by transgender perverts who are now apparently an “untouchable” class of child predators.
  • Banned for criticizing any Democrat who isn’t a white male, regardless of how insane their failed ideas might be.
  • Banned for pointing out that “climate change” is a grand hoax perpetrated by dishonest science quacks who faked the data.
  • Banned for loving America or calling for defending America’s borders.
  • Banned for citing history, using quotes from Gandhi or America’s Founding Fathers.
  • Banned for saying that men and women are not identical, since the deranged, delusional Left now insists they are exactly the same and have no physiological or biological differences.
  • Banned for exposing the crimes or corruption of any Democrat, such as the #ClintonBodyCount fiasco surrounding the Clintons.
  • Banned for sharing any meme that makes progressives look stupid (which isn’t difficult to do).
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This is why moving to alternative platforms is so crucial. Get off Facebook. Stop using Google. Walk away from Twitter. Find and explore alternative services such as Gab, DuckDuckGo, Censored.news or Brighteon.com, the free speech alternative to YouTube.

Watch my powerful, 4-minute video alert at the following link, and share everywhere: