Don’t get me wrong, I believe the majority of career politicians, bureaucrats, and globalist business leaders would sleep easier if “We the people” were unarmed. But that isn’t what is really behind the Red Flag Laws. U.S. political history has shown the folly of gun grabs. Besides, using these types of laws would be a slow and tedious process in disarming our citizenry. What else might they be planning?

Forget crazy Uncle Larry’s arsenal for a moment and let’s look at the immediate payoff for the SWAMP dwellers behind this movement…silence…your silence. With every internet article and comment section filed away, every internet video and podcast logged into a federal database somewhere, there are multiple opportunities to make a case that many of us are a danger to society. At least the society they’re aiming for.

Currently if you are white and a Nationalist (America First!!!) you already qualify as an FBI target. If you are a political writer or just a commenter on DISQUS, and you let your mouth run in the wrong direction, mentioning things like the Tree of Liberty or Come and Take It, you could lose your Second Amendment “privilege”. (Yeah I know it’s a “right”, but it isn’t me you have to worry about).

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I scanned the comment sections under some of the online Red Flag Law articles and immediately scored a half-dozen hits on people who made remarks threatening violence if the cops came to their door. Charlton Heston got away with the “cold dead hands” comment, but you may not. You know those trolls that like to stir things up on conservative sites like this one? How easy would it be to bait you into saying something incriminating? Let’s play a game and see.

(TROLL) “You redneck loudmouths are full of crap. If they come to your door you’ll cave like a wet cardboard box. LOL. There isn’t one person on here with the cojones to do anything but run their mouth.”

Hmmm. Imagine the comments that would follow. Now imagine the screen grab being sent to the FBI, and the government letter to DISQUS demanding your identity.

They want you to gag yourself!

The run-up to the 2016 election demonstrated the power of many voices. We were David and the Globalist Media-Political Complex was Goliath. Trust me when I say they don’t want a rematch, at least not on the same terms. They don’t want us huddling together online sharing our opinions and links and educating one another. Attempts by the social media consortium to block our access to their platforms isn’t enough. They know, just like the pamphleteers in early America, we will find a way to exchange information…unless. Unless we have something to lose, something big. In this case we could lose valuable firearms, possibly our freedom, or our lives. That’s a lot to ask of someone. Wouldn’t it be easier to just remain silent and hope everything goes well?

“I Ain’t Skeered!”

Not right now you aren’t, but after a few high-profile raids and subsequent deaths hit the media (and the media will rush to cover them) you may change your mind. At least that’s what they’re counting on. I remember the Militia movement that followed Waco and Ruby Ridge. Militia leaders, usually flanked by a crowd of resolute, stern faced camo-wearing members, were volunteering to be interviewed on national television. Then in 1995 we had the Oklahoma City bombing and the highly publicized trial of Timothy McVeigh. The next year it was the Centennial Park Bombing and the public crucifixion of the innocent Richard Allen Jewel. By late 1996 the Militia Movement went dark, members drifted away (or ran in some cases)…problem solved!

What Can We Do?

We have a president who has very little familiarity with firearms. He is being bombarded by political advisors, and at least one close family member, frantic to get him to “do something”. We have to warn him of the political consequences of aligning with the anti-gun consortium of D.C. basement dwellers. In short, we have to use our First Amendment freedoms to get our message out to the president and our representatives in Washington NOW…before timidity strikes our ranks. Too many Republicans, eager to please the media, are calling for a Bi-partisan “common sense” solution.

Please contact your Senators, Representatives and the President with a simple message: “No more gun laws!”

Contact the White House here:
Congress here:

David L. Brockett

Born 04/30/1948
Former U.S.M.C. Captain and Aviator (1968-74)
Vietnam Veteran
Veteran Crisis Counselor
Hospital Administrator
Graduated University of North Texas (summa cum laude) 1980

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