Media reports citing anonymous sources are claiming there were no cameras filming Jeffrey Epstein in prison, no guards watching over him and his cellmate was transferred on Friday before Epstein’s alleged death.

From Fox News:

For “several hours” leading up to his death, correctional officers hadn’t checked in with Epstein — despite being required to visit him every 30 minutes, a person familiar with the situation told Fox News.

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[…] Additionally, Epstein was supposed to have a cellmate. But the person who was assigned to share a cell with Epstein was transferred on Friday before the 66-year-old’s death, according to the Post. It was not immediately clear why the cellmate was transferred nor why no one else was assigned to room with Epstein.

Epstein was placed on suicide watch in July and had been given psychiatric evaluations after he was discovered with bruising on his neck, but was taken off suicide watch at the end of July.

Barbara Sampson, New York City’s chief medical examiner, said Sunday that an autopsy was performed on Epstein, but more information was needed before a cause of death was determined.

Here’s more on his cellmate’s transfer via Fox News:

After being taken off suicide watch, Epstein was not returned to the cell he’d shared with an ex-cop awaiting trial on murder and drug charges, the former police officer’s lawyer told Fox News. The reason for moving Epstein to a different, nearby cell was not immediately clear and the identity of Epstein’s second and final cellmate at the MCC was not disclosed publicly.

But at some point on the Friday before he died, Epstein’s cellmate is moved to a new location for an unspecified reason, the Washington Post reported. Epstein reportedly is not assigned another cellmate and is alone in his cell for the remainder of the night and the next morning.

A source familiar with the situation told Fox News it is unusual that Epstein didn’t have a cellmate.

BOP rules say prisoners on suicide watch should “ordinarily” be kept “under direct, continuous observation.”

Epstein was the most high-profile prisoner in the entire country under massive risk of being suicided and yet somehow they had no cameras in his cell, weren’t watching over him, took him off suicide watch and gave him the tools he needed to allegedly “hang himself.”

Note too, we’re only getting these reports secondhand from anonymous “officials.”

Literally no one believes this garbage and yet it’s looking like they’re going to get away with it because our entire government is likely being blackmailed and controlled by Epstein’s “intelligence” handlers.

[Updated with more info on his cellmate’s transfer.]

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