Google has broken its own search engine to algorithmically censor conservatives.

As the video below illustrates, when you search for “paul joseph watson youtube channel” on Google, my YouTube channel doesn’t even appear on the first page of results. Nor do any of my videos.

My channel doesn’t even appear on the first 15 pages of search results. I didn’t check beyond that, but it’s totally buried.

Searching directly for the exact title of videos on YouTube itself also just returns a wall of non-related mainstream media results.

Google has literally broken its own search engine to ensure people cannot find my channel.

New documents released today by Project Veritas from a Google whistleblower reveal clear examples of algorithmic censorship, where conservative websites are deliberately blacklisted by Google and prevented from appearing.

As Dr. Robert Epstein has proven, Google’s algorithmic censorship can shift millions of votes on election day.

When will the media stop pretending this this isn’t happening?

Algorithmic censorship is election meddling.

Courtesy of Prison Planet


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