(Natural News) Even as the evil tech giants and deceptive mainstream media desperately try to censor any truthful information about vaccine ingredients and their health risks, a new video has just been posted that may turn the tables and awaken people to the truth.

Posted by GreenMedInfo, the new video unleashes an array of shocking, true facts about vaccines and how they systematically damage the health of children.

Watch it at this link on Facebook:

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UPDATE: The video has now been posted on Brighteon as well:


Every effort will be made to censor this video and block the channels that promote it. We have already been completely de-platformed by Facebook and all the other tech giants for daring to report the truth about the dangers of vaccines.

We need your help to share this link and make EVERYONE aware of this bombshell video

Take part in this grassroots effort to make this video go super viral. Share it with your friends and followers. And share this article link, too.

Here’s the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/greenmedinfo/videos/2325821697679985/

We are working to get the raw video file so we can post this on Brighteon.com as well, just in case Facebook bans it (which is almost guaranteed at this point).

That’s why your help is needed now to share this video and make it go viral on Facebook as quickly as possible, before the evil censors ban it there.

If it’s already banned by the time you read this, that’s just more confirmation that you are living in a medical dictatorship run by authoritarian criminals who control Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter. They don’t want you to know the truth about vaccine dangers, and they are willing to silence anyone who tries to warn the public about that truth.

Help defeat SB276 in California

Another deadly vaccine mandate law is being aggressively pushed by the corrupt, criminal politicians in California. If you live in California, find out how you can help defeat dangerous, fascist vaccine mandates by visiting: www.standforhealthfreedom.com

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