As a blogger, any time I write something or post something (from another author) that is even remotely critical of Israel, I get hate mail.

They say I’m an Anti-Semite.

They say I don’t seem to understand that I am insulting God’s chosen people.

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They say I am insulting America’s greatest and most trusted ally.


To assume that every Jew is a good Jew and that the Israeli government is not as dirty, at least at times, as all other governments seems a bit naive to me.

Today I ran into a video from 2017 of the American Legion asking for a full investigation to be done into the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty.

The investigation didn’t happen, but after all of these years there are still some people who are pushing for the truth and trying to educate the masses.

Is Israel our ally?


Does that mean they have been a perfect ally and NEVER failed us?

Not at all.

Much like Saudi Arabia, America has simply overlooked some of the wrongs that have been done by our ally.

And we would be naive to think that those wrongs don’t sometimes go both ways.

Here’s an article from our archives about what really happened with the “mistaken” attack on the USS Liberty.

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New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liberty With Orders to Kill 294 Americans

Archives: Originally Published November 11, 2014

Aaron Nelson | TheAntiMedia

Fresh evidence presented in an exclusive Al Jazeera investigation into the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 Americans proves the incident was not a mistake. Since 1967 the ‘official story‘ has been that Israel simply misidentified the American ship as Egyptian for several hours. Israel apologized to the United States and for several decades we’ve been led to believe that this could be the only explanation for why Israeli jets and torpedo boats would launch rockets, missiles and torpedoes at an American target for more than two hours.

thedayA new documentary called ‘The Day Israel Attacked America” airing on Al Jazeera was produced and directed by award winning British film maker Richard Belfield. Thanks to the audio evidence obtained by Belfield, it is finally possible to prove the survivors of the attack on the USS Liberty were right all along. The survivors have always been extremely confident that Israel’s intentions were to sink that ship and kill everyone on board so Egypt could be blamed for the tragedy. Why? To convince President Lyndon Johnson (and the American public) that we needed to declare war on Egypt. This is the definition of a ‘false flag‘. (can you say 9/11?)

It appears that once again, a conspiracy theory has turned out to be conspiracy fact. You can finally take off your tinfoil hats!

“Earlier this year, I acquired a copy of the audiotape of the attack as it had unfolded, the real time conversations between Israeli Air Force pilots and their controllers back at base. It had never been broadcast before. I went to talk to Al Jazeera and after careful consideration, the network commissioned the film.” – Richard Belfield

Just sixteen minutes after Israel attacked America, the USS Liberty was confirmed by Israeli forces to be an American ship. These conversations can be heard in the documentary Al Jazeera has been airing on their station.

“To what state does she belong?” (Answer): “American”

Yet the attacks continued for an hour and a half!

Even five minutes before the first bombing you can hear Israeli Air Force pilots question whether the ship was American or not. You don’t have to be a genius to understand why these pilots would be extremely uncomfortable attacking a ship suspected to be American without being given direct orders to do so. I believe we can safely assume this attack wouldn’t have been carried out otherwise.

rsz_deathamerica“Is it an American ship?” “What do you mean American?” “No comment.”

Twenty minutes after a ground controller answered “American” when asked “to what state does she belong?” by Israeli Air Force pilots, the first torpedo hit the USS Liberty. A voice can clearly be heard which confirms that this target, thought to be American at that time, was to be destroyed.

“The torpedo is talking care of the ship now.”

As soon as the first torpedo hit the USS Liberty, Israeli torpedo boats circled the ship and started machine-gunning the American target for another 40 minutes. When the USS Liberty crew lowered their lifeboats into the water to evacuate their ship, the Israelis moved closer so they could gun down the Americans attempting to save their own lives.

More than ten years ago a journalist named Arieh O’Sullivan from the Jerusalem Post was allowed to listen to these same audiotapes. He published a transcript of the Israeli military transmissions he heard directing the attack on the USS Liberty. Sixteen minutes after the attack started, just as in the recording obtained by Al Jazeera, O’Sullivan’s transcript (translated from Hebrew to English) shows the same exchange.

“Kislev, what country?” (Answer): “Apparently American.”

That is where O’Sullivan’s transcript, published over ten years ago by the Jerusalem Post, ends. There is just one major problem with that… The attack continued for another hour and a half!

Navy Admiral Thomas Moorer, who has served this country as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of Naval Operations, once lead an independent commission to investigate what really happened to the USS Liberty. The commission’s findings were made public in 2003. Here are a few of the shocking conclusions.

  • The attack, by a U.S. ally, was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill its entire crew.
  • The attack included the machine-gunning of stretcher-bearers and life rafts .
  • The White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of the USS Liberty. This was the first time in naval history a rescue mission had been cancelled while an American ship was under attack.
  • Surviving crew members were later threatened with court-martial, imprisonment, or worse if they talked to anyone about what had happened to them; and were “abandoned by their own government.”

Originally there was a video here which has been deleted by YouTube… Here is a substitute:

I am having a tough time getting part 1 to embed, but you can open it here (will pop up in new window so you can return and watch part 2.

Here is part 1, IF it embeds correctly:

Here is part 2:


John Crewdson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, published in 2007 what former CIA analyst Ray McGovern has called the ‘most detailed and accurate account of the Israeli attack‘ for the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun. You guessed it, Crewdson was fired by the Chicago Tribune just a year later after working there for 24 years. You should read his work.

“Israeli messages intercepted on June 8, 1967, leave no doubt that sinking the USS Liberty was the mission assigned to the attacking Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats as the Six-Day War raged in the Middle East. Let me repeat: there is no doubt – none – that the mission of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was to destroy the USS Liberty and kill its entire crew.” – former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

###End of Archived Article###

OK, so I know what many of you are saying or thinking…

Al Jazeera, Dean?


Have you flipped your lid?

I flipped my lid long ago folks, but that doesn’t mean that Al Jazeera and I can’t both be correct on occasion.

Even a broken clock is right twice daily.

Allies are strategic and they aren’t always 100% in our corner.

Nor are we always 100% in their corner.

And if you are one of those people that believes that no Israeli has ever done anything wrong, then you probably don’t want to hear the story of…

It looks like our two biggest Middle East allies might have been responsible for the greatest terrorist attack in world history…

Sick of my conspiracy theories yet?

Did you know that Saudi Arabia threatened to do the same thing to Canada?

Ally or not, they almost seem proud of what they may or may not have already done, ON OUR SOIL.

Americans will probably never know the complete truth about what happened in 1967 or on September 11, 2001.

That would require too much honesty from our own government.

One last thing…

If you think that as a Christian you are obligated to support every Israeli, at any cost, you might want to reconsider your thinking.

Again, being a Jew does not mean one automatically qualifies as a good person.

Stop casting large nets on entire nations and entire groups of people.

There is good and bad everywhere.

The nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia get no automatic pass from me, allies or not.

They are strategic allies. Nothing more and nothing less.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry