We thought we had heard the last of David Hogg, the anti-gun demagogue once dubbed the “king of the snowflakes.”  But apparently not.  While appearing on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes, Hogg illustrated his complete ignorance of American history when he falsely asserted that the recent mass shootings stemmed from the nation’s alleged “white supremacy.”

He also put forth a wild conspiracy theory that the government was engaged in genocide.

“I think it comes down to reckoning with our history and our history of white supremacy in the United States. The fact that we live in a post-genocidal society oftentimes that was orchestrated by the United States government in that if we want to talk about mass shootings, we need to recognize the massive number of indigenous mass shootings that was conducted by the United States government,” he said.

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“I think back to the battle of Wounded-Knee and the several hundred Native Americans, predominately men, woman, and children that were slaughtered by the United States government back in the nineteenth century. And how that is never discussed as a mass shooting. And that was wrong because those people were not armed, and we were stealing their land,” he added.

The only thing sadder than his ignorant statements was the audience, which clapped like trained seals at his utterances.

Here’s video:

He had quite a bit more to say, as Ryan Saavedra noted on Twitter:  “White people feel that it is more American to pick up a gun because you are afraid of what you don’t know than it is to actually explore what you don’t know … because I would personally argue that peace is patriotic.”

One person asked:

We’re guessing either “Applied Liberalism 101” or “Introduction to Liberal Stupidity.”

Another person wondered:

Based on his history, we’re guessing the latter, however, the former is also quite possible.

Here’s just a small sampling:

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In fact, Hogg has made a number of crazy and ignorant assertions, as you can see here.

One person put it this way:


We tend to agree.

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line