(Natural News) It’s “flu season” again, which means you’re likely to encounter life-sized grim reapers holding vaccine syringes at your local CVS pharmacy, as well as actual flu shots that, as always, don’t actually work.

According to reports, the latest batch of flu shots for the 2019-2020 flu season contain viral strains that don’t even match the ones that health “experts” anticipate will circulate – meaning tens of millions of people are going to be jabbed with chemical cocktails that will do absolutely nothing to protect them from influenza.

Two of the four viral strains that were chosen for this current flu season – A/H3N2 and B/Victoria – “could be off the mark,” writes Matthew Herper for StatNews.com, who added that making an accurate prediction about which strains will circulate is “never an easy business.”

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Described by influenza epidemiologist Dr. Danuta Skowronski as a “mismatch” based on which strains previously circulated in the Southern Hemisphere during its winter season, the use of these two viral strains in the flu shots now being administered in the Northern Hemisphere means that Americans will receive minimal protection, at best, against the flu strains that end up circulating here.

“I think the vaccine strain selections by the WHO committee are obviously important for the Southern Hemisphere but they’re also signals to us because they’re basing their decisions on what they see currently predominating on the global level,” Skowronski, who works for the British Columbia Center for Disease Control in Vancouver, is quoted as saying.

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The vaccine deep state is STILL doubling down, insisting that flu shots are “safe” and “effective”

If you’ve been following our flu shot coverage over the years, then you already know that vaccine “mismatches” are almost routine at this point. Just last year, in fact, the standard flu shots recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) turned out to be “virtually worthless” and a “big disappointment” because of an alleged wild strain that supposedly “popped up halfway through the past flu season.”

Everything in quotes, by the way, was written by the Associated Press (AP), revealing that even the mainstream media is now being forced to acknowledge that flu shots are basically a “mismatch” every single year – meaning they’re not going to work.

But even as flu shots fail time and time again, the vaccine deep state continues to double down with claims that flu shots are still important for “public health,” and that people should get them anyway, even if they don’t actually work.

Scott Hensley, an associate professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania, recently admitted that flu circulation “remains difficult to predict and flu viruses are constantly breaking rules that we try to establish for them,” which is basically an admission that so-called “science” still doesn’t, and never will, have a complete grasp on the way nature works.

But Hensley made sure to still push flu shots on the public, contending that flu shots “often protect against severe disease even when … mismatched.”

In other words, science doesn’t really understand virology like it claims it does because nature has a funny way of outsmarting the lab coats. But you should still get your flu shot because it still provides protection, even when it doesn’t.

This is what modern science has become, in case you haven’t noticed: a crock of baloney that makes no logical sense no matter how you try to skew it. But we’re all just supposed to listen to whatever the authorities say because they have fancy titles next to their names and make the big bucks, which automatically makes them smarter than the rest of us, apparently.

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