A new Rasmussen survey released Monday contained a shocker for Democrats: 17 percent of poll respondents who identified as Democrats said “they think more like (President Donald) Trump.”

minneapolis trump rally
President Trump, show here at a recent rally, is getting some surprising support from Democrats, a new poll indicates.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 73 percent of Democrats “say the views of the average Democrat in Congress are more like theirs.

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“But 17% of voters in the opposition party,” the report added, “say they think more like Trump, up from 12% at the start of the year.”

If that doesn’t alarm party leaders, it should. Given another year until the 2020 election, if that pattern continues, Trump might glide to a second term courtesy a legion of maverick Democrats. Still, Republicans and especially gun owners hoping to see more conservative pro-Second Amendment judges to secure federal court appointments will have to turn out heavily to keep Trump in office.

The Rasmussen report comes almost simultaneous to remarks from former special prosecutor Ken Starr, who told Fox News Monday that history may not be kind to Capitol Hill Democrats for how they handle the Trump impeachment inquiry. The beleaguered president has repeatedly called various investigations by Democrats to be “witch hunts,” and some people believe the Democrats have been launching one probe or issue after another since Trump took office in order to keep him at least partly distracted so it is impossible for him to push his agenda.

Rasmussen said 61 percent of likely Republican voters think the president’s views are closer to their own, while 20 percent identify with the “average” Republican member of Congress.

The Washington Times reported Monday that House Democrats plan to vote later this week on a resolution to “formalize their next steps in the impeachment inquiry.” This may be in response to Republican complaints that the inquiry was launched without any rules for the process.

All of this is happening in the wake of the weekend’s dramatic news that the U.S. military staged a successful “commando” raid in northwest Syria resulting in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who blew himself to pieces with a suicide vest. Trump did not advise House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or other key Democrats of the raid. Not long afterward, Islamic State spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, who many believed would succeed al-Baghdadi, was also killed in a separate action, also in Syria, Fox News reported.

This essentially leaves ISIS without a leader.

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