(Natural News) The father of seven-year-old James Younger, a Texas boy who’s being forcibly transitioned into a “girl” by Anne Georgulas of Dr. Anne Pediatrics in Coppell, has publicly shared video footage proving that young James would prefer to remain a boy.

In the clip, which Jeffrey Younger, James’ biological father, shared to his “Save James” website, young James is seen telling his dad that, “Mommy tells me I’m a girl” – “mommy” referring to Anne Georgulas, Jeffrey’s ex-wife who’s not actually James’ biological mother.

Since James and his twin brother were created in vitro from Jeffrey’s sperm and the eggs of an unidentified donor, Georgulas has no biological relation to either of the boys, though she’s taken it upon herself to seek sex change “therapy” for James because she always wanted a little girl.

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The heartbreaking footage depicts Jeffrey asking his son James if he’s a boy, to which James responds, “No, I’m a girl.” When Jeffrey then asks James, “Who told you you’re a girl?” James responds simply with, “mommy.”

As Jeffrey is asking James these questions, James is then seen putting on a dress that was given to him by Georgulas. James also starts to paint his nails and put hair clips in his hair, repeating once again, “She tells me I’m a girl,” again referring to Georgulas.

Juries today are being stacked with leftist activists, not “peers”

As we’ve been reporting, the legal battle between Jeffrey and his former wife has been a drawn out one, gaining worldwide attention in recent months for its disturbing implications.

Were Georgulas to have been granted sole custody of James and his brother like a Dallas-based jury had decided, James would already be well on his way towards chemical castration, seeing as how Georgulas is eagerly trying to get him on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. But we’ve since learned that the judge in the case has now decided to allow Jeffrey shared custody of James.

This ruling came at a cost: Jeffrey is not allowed to speak to the media about the case, and neither is Georgulas. Both individuals must accept the decision in silence.

While this might be preferable to Georgulas having been given full custody, this split decision means that James will continue to be influenced by Georgulas during his time with her. She will presumably continue to dress him in stereotypical female clothing and refer to him as “Luna” instead of James as she grooms him into “womanhood.”

Jeffrey will also be allowed his share of input into James’ life, and we can only hope and pray that his influence wins out in the end. The jury sure wasn’t in the peer group of Jeffrey, after all, which means its decision is slanted and biased, which even the judge herself was reluctantly forced to recognize as she softened the blow against Jeffrey.

But it simply doesn’t go far enough. Young James should not have to be around Georgulas ever, as the woman clearly doesn’t have this child’s best interests at heart. And why would she, seeing as how James isn’t even her real son, and she preferred to have a girl anyway.

Meanwhile, the far-left media is having a heyday lambasting Jeffrey for his concerns about the welfare of his son. To these deranged libtards, it’s perfectly normal to brainwash an innocent young boy into believing that he’s a “girl,” and forcing him to undergo sex change treatments that will forever ruin his life.

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