(Natural News) The LGBTQP lobby is outraged that transgenders are not getting as many acting roles on Broadway as they would prefer, so it is now calling on the performance industry to change its ways and start embracing transgenders just as they would normal actors.

An omen of what is soon to come for Hollywood, a stage actors’ union known as Equity has issued a public plea to casting directors everywhere asking them to consider hiring more transgender performers to play characters that aren’t transgender, which will help to give transgenders more acting work.

Even though the average American would probably opt for a root canal over having to watch biological males pretending to be “females” prance around on stage as “women,” Equity believes that transgenders should simply be handed these acting roles whenever they demand them, regardless – you know, because of “equality.”

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In a statement, Equity made the claim that trans actors are oftentimes better suited than normal actors to be cast for certain character roles, even when those character roles don’t match a trans actor’s natural biological sex. But for some odd reason, trans actors are overlooked during casting calls – gee, we cannot imagine why this might be the case.

“The fact that [a performer] is trans may be completely invisible in the role or production, but it powerfully represents diversity in the industry,” this statement goes on to claim. “This ‘invisible’ diversity is just as important as more physically recognisable forms of diversity.”

“It is hard for trans actors to build a career out of the very small amount of trans-specific roles if these are the only ones for which they are actively sought.”

For more related news about how transgenders will never stop their quest for power until every child in America looks like “Desmond is Awesome,” be sure to visit Gender.news.

How long will it be until transgenders demand to be ordained as pastors?

If this madness is already happening in the world of stage acting, how long will it be until similar demands are made of Hollywood producers casting for The Disney Channel, for instance? Or better yet, will transgenders eventually set their sights on religion, demanding to be ordained as pastors of church youth group?

After all, there’s no “equality” unless trans people are given whatever they want, whenever they want it, regardless of whether or not their presence is wanted. Heck, millions of aspiring actors who aren’t trans have been passed over for roles since the dawn of time. But trans people? They should always get the roles they want, even if nobody besides other trans people have any interest in watching them perform.

Even in 2019, only a very small fraction of the population has any interest in paying to watch a person with male genitals pretend to be a woman on stage. An even smaller fraction would be willing to to watch a biological man dressed up as a woman kiss another biological man on stage, which is what these transgenders are essentially demanding.

“It is not until [trans actors] are being cast in major [normal character] roles because we are the best actors for the role, rather than because we tick a box, that we will have truly arrived,” says “Harrison” Knights, a trans actor and trans activist who’s triggered by the fact that not everyone wants to watch “him” act.

“How long before this insanity spreads to Hollywood?” asks Matt Margolis, writing for PJ Media. “Can you imagine the negative impact it would have on the film industry?”

“Does anyone really think a straight male actor would want to take the role of the lead in a romantic movie opposite a man who identifies as a woman? Guess again.”

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