Media invariably portray blacks and Hispanics as downtrodden, “marginalized communities.” Part of this is by making sure that certain images day-to-day lives don’t circulate widely. See for yourself who gets affirmative action, media sympathy and government set-asides.

Gangster with Gun to Head

“B Rich” aka “The Money Boy” a Mob Piru Blood holds a gun to his head on the famous Mcmillian street corner. The Mob Mcmillian ‘Bloods’ were made famous by being featured and praised by the raps lyrics of 2PAC. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson/

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Black Female Gangster with Pistol

A female member of the Los Angeles street gang the Bloods displays her pistol. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /

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Blacks Making a Drug Deal

Two unnamed black men make a drug deal for marijuana (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /

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Black Gangster with Gun

“Little Snooty,” a Compton ‘Blood’ flashes the West Side / West Coast symbol and proudly displays his hood tool the Gun (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Gangster with Rifle and Car

An unnamed man shows off his low rider car and gun in the backyard of his home in the Farm Dog Crip neighborhood in Los Angeles. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Gangster Arms a Blunt

At the weed spot (drug house) an unidentified man rolls a “blunt” — marijuana rolled in a cigar. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Gangster Selling Drugs

“Richie Richie” listens to music in his car while he waits to make a drug deal where he is selling cough syrup with Codeine. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Gangster with Drugs and Guns

A Blood with crack cocaine, cigarettes dipped in PCP, marijuana, and a firearm. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Two Black Gangsters with Guns

Grape Street Crips stand with weapons in the Jordan Downs housing projects in Los Angeles moments before leaving to perform a revenge shooting. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Drugs, Cigarettes, and Malt Liquor

A gangster’s bread and butter: drugs, cigarettes, and malt liquor. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Blood Gang Members

Black P. Stone Bloods poses for a portrait in The Jungle housing projects in South Central Los Angeles. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /

These activities are not without consequences:

Car Destroyed in Gang Shooting

Members of the LAPD Gang Enforcement arrive on the scene of a double shooting from assault rifles. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Cop with Dying Black Gangster

Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson/


Shot-up Black Gangster

Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Bloodied Black Gangster

Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /


Black Gangster Funeral

A Gang Funeral for Brandon B.L Bullard a well respected Grape Street Crip. During the funeral a fight broke out causing panic sending funeral goers running and screaming for their lives. (Credit Image: Mark Allen Johnson /

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