Kamala Harris Threatens To ‘Take Over’ Pharmaceutical Companies But Calls Trump A ‘Dictator’

With each passing day, the Garbage Party continues to demonstrate that it has become a haven for Left-wing sycophants and Marxists.

Presidential wannabe Kamala Harris is a classic example of how Democrats intend to use authoritarian methods to impose their will on the country rather than exercise authority within the Constitution to work with the other branches to actually govern per the will of the people.

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During a Q & A campaign event in Iowa, this Stalinist actually threatened to “snatch patents” from drug companies if they refuse to lower drug prices to suit her.

“Harris, like Warren, tells her audience about using presidential powers to to make drugs cheaper.

If they resist: “I will snatch their patent so we can take over.”

Someone in the audience asks “can we do that?”

“Yes, we can do that! We just need the will to do that.”

First of all, she’s lying. A president cannot simply “snatch” a patent from any company. Congress has given the U.S. government broad authority when it comes to using patents deemed “for the government,” but as this explanation notes, the uses are narrow. It’s hard to imagine a Trump-appointed federal judge allowing Kamala Stalin to steal drug patents.

But the broader concern here is the fact that this woman would try to steal someone’s patent in the first place, simply to enforce a public policy.

Drugs are pricey, we get it, but 1) President Trump’s approach to lowering drug prices is already having a positive effect; and 2) he’s acted within the scope of his Article II presidential authority.

Ironically, though, Kamala Stalin has called Trump a “dictator.”

“Trump’s no better than any other dictator when it comes to using the resources of the people, and in the name of the people, for self-aggrandizement and for personal benefit. He’s gotta go,” Harris tweeted.

But the irony, of course, has been pointed out.

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“It’s funny how candidates complaining the need to stop Trump and his authoritarianism are promising to behave like authoritarians.”

What’s also noteworthy: Everyone calling Trump a “dictator” and “authoritarian” cannot point to a single right that he has taken away from any American.


Portions of this article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some edits have been made.

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