By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

When he was rapping about alcohol and women liberals loved Kanye West but now that he has changed they do not like what they see.

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West is a fan of President Donald Trump and has no issue wearing his Make America Great Again hat in front of the world.

And these days, with his new album “Jesus Is King” that debuted on Friday, the artist is more likely to rap about his Christian faith.


This goes against the norm of the Hollywood crowd and he has been attacked for his new attitude and music.

But in an interview with BigBoyTV West said he had it with liberals telling black people who to vote for and how to be.

“Because I was like talking to James Corden earlier saying yeah and I told him I said look, my father’s a black panther my mother got arrested for the sit-ins at age six.

“They were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion- not the right to vote for whoever the white liberals said black people are supposed to vote for,” he said.

“Then James Corden went in and said ‘well this president, you’re Christian and this president, I don’t see anything Christian about him,” he said.

“I said ‘okay so last year y’all tried to tell me who I’m supposed to vote for because I’m black, now this year white liberals trying to tell me who I’m supposed to vote for because I’m Christian.’

“That would be like I live in Calabasas so everyone, my car’s gotta be a convertible. It’s just all based on y’all vision of what I’m supposed to do

“And I understand like a lot of people it’s not a matter of whether you like it or who like it we are in a country where we allowed to like whatever we like.

“I love Jesus Christ. I love Christianity. I love the Sistine Chapel. I love all the paintings. I feel that Christianity there’s no, people make spoofs about it.

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“I’ll be looking at Family Guy, and I like Family Guy, I like Seth MacFarlane right, but he makes jokes about the Christian faith.

“And I’m sure that’s the way he was brought up, but I understand because Norv when she talks about churches it’s the positive connotation

“A lot of us in those four walls, it felt like we was stuck in the pews so like what we said ten years ago that you inspired for me to go there we are now actualizing that,” he said.

This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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