Prof. Turley Says He’s Been Slammed By Calls For His Termination And Death Threats For Being HONEST About Impeachment

(TNS) If the Left-wing lunatics who populate the country’s top institutions of higher learning have anything down pat, it’s being triggered by anything politically favorable to President Donald Trump.

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Though all four law school professors bought in to perpetuate the Garbage Party’s impeachment sham against the president were Marxist-Leftists, only one of them — Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University — played it straight.

He told the House Judiciary Committee two things in no uncertain terms: President Trump has not committed any impeachable offenses; and anger at losing an election does not meet the constitutional requirement of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Oh, and he specifically said that he’s not a supporter of the president and did not vote for him.

But none of that latter stuff registered with the Triggered GWU Left: On Thursday, less than 24 hours after his testimony, Turley said he has been “inundated” with calls for his ouster and death threats.

Yes, threats of death — which is why we continue to shake our heads in disbelief when Democrats and their sycophantic supporters claim Trump is the Nazi authoritarian. At least the president doesn’t threaten to kill anyone or call for them to be fired if they disagree with him.

“I’ll say it one more time. If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing exactly what you’re criticizing the president of doing,” the professor said.

Makes perfect sense to us, but you can’t speak truth to power when it comes to dealing with the Left and their Democrat Party enablers.

The republic, as we know it and as it was established, is hanging by a thread.

It’s being dismantled year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, second by second, by the Garbage Party.

Understand that this effort to oust our duly elected president isn’t necessarily directed at President Trump.

It’s really directed at those of us who helped elect him. We are who these insane Democrats are really upset at.

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We are the ones they seek to punish. And if they ever get enough power again, you better believe they’re going to try.

There is no compromising with this kind of hate. No dealing with it. No ignoring it. No hoping it will simply dissipate.

We have to separate ourselves from it, and that will require some out-of-the-box thinking.

A ‘divorce’ over “irreconcilable differences” comes to mind.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some edits have been made.

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