Growing up, who didn’t ask their parents for permission to engage in an activity that peers were doing?  When the answer was “no” and you followed up with, “everyone else is doing it”, did you get the response, “well, if everyone wanted to jump off the roof would you want to as well”?  Yeah, thought so.  So, when Americans want to point to foreign countries as examples of what we should be doing in the united States, the response quick to spring upon the lips is, “well, if they wanted to kill people for being disabled would you want to as well”?  Unfortunately, the last example may not be far off as Canada is now weighing the possibility of what it terms as “medically assisted death” in cases of Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or other illness/disease that causes an individual to lose their faculties.  Along with this was the Trudeau government’s legalization of human euthanasia in June 2016 that is now being used to threaten penalties against a non-faith-based hospice if the hospice fails to follow the government mandate and allow its patients to be “killed” on-site through the medically assisted death program.

As a reminder, numerous writers in the alternative media sphere have warned Americans that once murder of the unborn was viewed as “legal”, “law”, and “routine” health care for women, it would not be long before murder of other age groups would follow.  The united States is now seeing infanticide being promoted by pro-murderers.  How long would it take to jump to the population now targeted by Canada?  Once government can decide or determine when life begins or when newborn life is acceptable to murder, then government can decide or determine at what point life should end.

What one should also consider in these reports from Canada is the undeniable fact that Canada has government-controlled health care, just in case it was conveniently forgotten by some.

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In the first story, the Montreal Gazette reported:

A committee of experts is recommending the government expand the framework of a medically assisted death to include the concept of prior consent for serious and incurable ailments.

But Quebec will nevertheless launch a non-partisan public consultation process before deciding whether to proceed with the change, Health Minister Danielle McCann announced Friday.

“We have heard the heartfelt appeal of Quebecers who are suffering and calling for a widening of the rules,” McCann said at a news conference. “Quebec society is evolving on this sensitive issue and we have a moral duty to respond. all together.”

McCann made the comment following the release of the committee’s report.

After 18 months of study, the committee opened the door to the idea of prior consent in the case of a diagnosis of a serious and incurable disease by a physician, and where the person wants to choose the assisted death option while they are still mentally able to decide.

A person in perfect health would not be able to make such a request in advance, which means a person who suffers a heart attack or road accident that leaves them with a permanent invalidity would not be able to make use of the option.

The committee also recommends authorizing a third party to inform physicians of the existence of a prior consent in the event a person loses their faculties. The third party authorization would be kept in a government registry as a permanent record.

That third person, in a sense, becomes a spokesperson to represent the person seeking assisted death after they become incapacitated by a disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. The final decision will still be in the hands of a physician.

Family members who disagree with the choice of their loved one would thus “not have a veto” over their choice, committee members said at a briefing.

The recommendation follows a Sept. 11 Superior Court ruling that granted two Quebecers the right to seek medically assisted death despite the fact they had been turned aside by physicians.

The judge, Christine Baudouin, gave the government six months to modify its law. It currently stipulates a person can have assisted death only if they are near an “end of life” state.

Anyone else wondering how many “Quebecers” actually contacted the government because of their suffering and are now calling for government to murder their loved ones or themselves?  This is absolutely insane!  Regardless of some pretend law, no medical professional should even consider participation in this Nazi-style population purge because it is illegal, since it is murder disguised under some terminology that has a hint of health care, and it is unethical.  If this is what Quebecers call “evolving”, it certainly is evolving toward evil, not good.

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It gets even better.  The judge in the Sept. 11 Superior Court ruling, Christine Baudouin, gave the government six months to change its law.  Currently, the law provides a person can only have an assisted death if that person is near an “end of life” state.  In her evil unwisdom, this judge invalidated the restriction as well as the federal criteria stipulating the death of the individual must be “reasonably foreseeable”.  What exactly constitutes “reasonably foreseeable” and who decides?  It doesn’t matter now since this “court judge” has single-handedly changed the rules and the Canadian government is more than happy to jump to her tune.

Never fear, a committee of “experts” will help the government decide when to murder citizens and under what circumstances qualify.

The Montreal Gazette continued:

McCann and representatives of the three opposition parties — André Fortin (Liberals), Sol Zanetti (Québec solidaire) and Véronique Hivon (Parti Québécois) — agreed the recommendations raise new, complex questions.

For example, Hivon said, when exactly does the prior consent decision take effect? Was the person completely lucid and able to decide?

“Is the request to be followed at all costs?” Hivon asked. “How do we decide when we have arrived at the day or the right moment?”

Fortin said prior consent opens up a series of ethical, legal and moral questions.

“Pitfalls and potential risks exist,” he said.

Ya think?!  There should not even be any questions on this matter, but those without conscience and in denial of God and Jesus Christ seem to have “questions”.

Regarding the issue with the government-controlled hospice, Life Site News reported:

British Columbia’s government is threatening to penalize a non-faith-based hospice if it fails to follow its directives and allow its patients to be killed on-site through a medically-assisted death program.

The province could go as far as to shut down the Delta Hospice Society, which operates the 10-bed Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner, BC, says Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

New Democratic Party (NDP) health minister Adrian Dix has given the society until Thursday to produce plans to comply with the Fraser Health Authority’s policy that all its facilities — excepting faith-based institutions that can object on religious grounds — provide euthanasia, the Globe and Mail reported.

It’s the latest turn in a long-running battle that began in September 2016, when Fraser Health Authority adopted its policy on euthanasia, euphemistically referred to as “medical aid in dying” (MAiD), which the Justin Trudeau Liberal government legalized that June.

Hospice founder and then-executive director Nancy Macey refused to allow euthanasia at Irene Thomas, arguing that patients would need to be transferred to another facility to be killed because lethally injecting them was incompatible with palliative care and violated the hospice’s constitution, which states that it will not hasten a patient’s death.

The hospice is under contract with the health authority, which funds it $1.3 million annually, or slightly less than half its operating budget — the rest of which comes from private donations — and owns the land on which the building  sits, which it leases to the hospice, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Fraser Health Authority then issued an edict in February 2018 that the hospice provide euthanasia onsite, but the society said it would not do so. 

Macey and Janice Strukoff, an administrative leader for society, told the Vancouver Sun at the time that euthanizing patients not only is against the hospice’s constitution, but also stoked fears and anxieties of vulnerable patients and would traumatize not only them, but also staff and volunteers.

“Hospice palliative care is not about hastening death and we object to the bullying currently taking place in B.C.,” Strukoff said.

The health authority then mandated in September 2018 that hospices could not transfer a patient to another facility to be euthanized, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The hospice board fired Macy in September 2019, voting to allow human euthanasia.  But, following a membership drive, a new board was elected in November at the annual general meeting.  The new board immediately voted to reverse the policy allowing human euthanasia, saying doing so was in violation of the society’s constitution.  The executive director was dismissed and another appointed.  The hospice has the support of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, which issued their decision in a November 27 “Call to Action”.

Read the Call to Action and it will tell you volumes about Canada’s government-controlled “quality” health care.

Life Site News continued:

Fraser Health Authority responded to the decision by insisting the hospice had to comply with its policy and met with members of the board on December 5.  Now Dix is suggesting the province will pull funding — if not more drastic punishment — if the hospice doesn’t bow to the euthanasia rule.

“[W]e do live in a free society,” Dix told the Globe and Mail.

“Delta Hospice Society can decide that it doesn’t want to continue to receive support from the Fraser Health Authority in its mission. They can choose to do that. You can absolutely have it your way. But you can’t have it both ways.”

But Schadenberg says the minister and the health authority are overstepping their roles by “forcing and bullying” the hospice to provide euthanasia. 

He has launched a petition to Dr. Victoria Lee, president of the Fraser Health Authority, and to minister Dix supporting the society.

The results of this battle will be far-reaching, Schadenberg told LifeSiteNews.

“If the Delta Hospice closes, the residents of Delta will lose the 10-bed hospice that is known for providing excellent end-of-life care,” he said.

“If the Delta Hospice is forced to do euthanasia, then all Canadian hospice groups will be forced to do euthanasia.

This is what happens when government gains control over health care, a part of an individual’s life government has no business meddling – that means no form or level of government.  As another reminder, Canada has strict gun laws, meaning an individual has no way to protect themselves or their loved ones from government overreach.

While creating much ire at the time in their children, parents, who warned their children about the dangers of following the crowd, urged their offspring to think for themselves, and avoid the peer pressure to conform, taught their children a valuable lesson.  Parents in Canada failed to teach this to their children.  It is this “hive mind” think that is being seen in Canada when people would actually call upon the government to murder their family members because of disease or illness.  It is incomprehensible for this writer and am sure it is to many readers.  But, the united States is heading in this same direction if citizens do not begin to push back against the murder supporting, morally depraved, deviant, Godless, soulless masses who will move the goal post now that some States are “all in” on murdering babies in the womb up through birth and infants afterward.

Just so there is no confusion, any individual, doctor, nurse, government goon or otherwise who even approaches this writer about “euthanizing” a family member for any reason better have his/her business in order should something like this rear its ugly head in this country.  Any individual in the united States who would support such, there is only one suggestion – You first or your closest loved one first.

There is an EPCC petition that has been created to support Delta Society Hospice.  If you would like to add your voice of support, please go here.  At the time of this writing, the petition has 7,015 signatures toward its goal of 10,000.  It isn’t limited to the country of Canada.  Look at it this way.  Other world nations want to tell the united States what we should or should not do.  It’s time to return the favor.


Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

h/t The Washington Standard

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.