Jeremy Holmes died July 1, 2017, in a confrontation that investigators described as a “suicide by cop.”

Now his mother wants to use Colorado’s new Red Flag confication law to take the officer’s guns.

Keep in mind that the police are not always completely honest, but this seems like a grieving mother that is grabbing at straws.

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Yes, in Colorado even a police officer can lose his or her right to carry for things that happen in the line of duty.

PCMustDie reports:

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A mother whose teenage son was shot and killed by a Colorado State University police officer is seeking to have the officer’s weapons seized under Colorado’s new red flag gun control law. The case is a critical test of the bounds of the controversial law.

Susan Holmes filed an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) petition against Cpl. Philip Morris in Larimer County on Jan. 9. A hearing has been set for Thursday.

Holmes filed the petition, also called an extreme risk protection order, in Larimer County court on Jan. 9 under Colorado’s new red flag law. The law has been invoked a handful of times statewide since it took effect Jan. 1, according to multiple news reports, including in Larimer County.

The red flag law allows law enforcement, a family member or household resident to petition to have a person’s firearms removed if they are deemed by a judge to be a threat to themselves or others. 

Holmes is none of those things to Morris. 

Susan Holmes
Susan Holmes (credit: CBS)

In the petition for invoking the red flag law, Holmes falsely claims she is Morris’ family or household member — specifically that she has a child in common with Morris. She also claimed Morris recklessly used a firearm in her son’s death.

On her petition, Holmes also checked the box next to the question of whether this person has posed “a credible threat of or the unlawful reckless use of a firearm.” In her explanation, she wrote: “Phil Morris used his firearm to recklessly & violently threaten and kill 19 year old Jeremy Holmes.”

Jeremy Holmes died July 1, 2017, in a confrontation that investigators described as a “suicide by cop.”

Police said they encountered Jeremy Holmes that night in the 500 block of West Prospect Road in Fort Collins and quickly learned he was armed.

Morris is heard on body camera footage of the incident asking Jeremy Holmes to drop a knife he’s holding 36 times within two minutes. Jeremy Holmes is heard asking police to shoot him.

When Morris began to holster his weapon so that he could stun Jeremy Holmes, Jeremy Holmes charged at him.

Morris, along with Fort Collins Officer Erin Mast, fired their guns.

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Under state law, knowingly providing false information on court documents such as an extreme risk protection order could result in penalties for perjury. 

“We are actively investigating this abuse of the system and we will determine what charges may be substantiated against the petitioner, Ms. Holmes,” Smith wrote in his Facebook post.


One of the dangers of Red Flag Legislation is frivolous lawsuits.

The fear is that certain judges, that do not respect the 2nd Amendment, will give in to such frivolous suits and ignore the constitutional right to carry.

If a crime has been committed, go to court and put the offender in jail.

If they are a criminal, who says they will abide by a court order anyway?

Red Flag Laws are dangerous.

They are a dangerous precedent in a country that was built on dangerous liberty.

We have a God-given right to self-defense.

We can’t count on police to save the day when they are precious minutes away and the threat is upon us.

Again, if a crime has been committed, prove it and put the offender in jail.

Taking someone’s firearms is taking away their right to self-defense and that is not acceptable in America.

Life comes at you fast and you’d better be ready.

Dean Garrison is Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry