Conniving dark-hearted bastards

No one is praying any harder about the potential coronavirus pandemic than the members of the Democrat-Media complex. They want bodies in the street, and wailing family members of the deceased interviewed 24/7 on cable news. In short, they hope the Coronavirus can accomplish what they could not—defeat Donald Trump in November by driving his approval numbers down.

There is seemingly no end to the critical articles of how President Trump is botching his handling of a pandemic that hasn’t even happened in the US yet. One day after the world Health Organization declared Coronavirus a potential international health emergency, (Jan 30,2020, President Trump followed through and stopped air flights to and from China and refused entry to anyone who had traveled to one of the infected nations. That’s pretty immediate!

Just like President bush got hammered for his response to Katrina, the never-trumpets hope to paint this president as a heartless out-of-touch, incompetent failure, more worried about the Stock Market than the American people. If the economy can tumble and enough people die, their prayers will have been answered.

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But no matter what happens regarding the Coronavirus in the US, the blame for the initial response will not fall at the feet of Donald Trump.

Reason One

Trump did not staff the incompetent bumbling CDC. Those government lawn trolls have been sitting on their fat backsides drawing huge checks far longer than Trump has graced the White House. The president’s CDC budget cuts they whine about still left them with over $5 Billion dollars to do their jobs.

Supposedly, in late 2019 the CDC was already aware of the problem in China and had time to prepare a response. They didn’t, at least not adequately. According to their own website they have over 1700 medical personnel working in 200 labs across the country. If the Coronavirus response is an indictment of anyone, it would be the government hacks working at the CDC.

The fact that only a handful of states receiving the  Coronavirus test kits can use them, tells us the CDC wasn’t doing a very good job quality checking their work. This news from the

CDC reported Wednesday that some of the coronavirus testing kits that were sent to state laboratories are not working correctly.

According to CDC, testing kits were shipped to every state; however, officials did not indicate how many of the kits were not working right. Messonnier explained that trial runs in some states found that the CDC kits produced “inconclusive” results.

 As of Feb 21st, California, Nebraska and Illinois were the only U.S. states that could test for coronavirus.

In other words, we know this screw-up lies at the feet of the CDC, and the CDC is incompetent in quality control and infectious disease test development,

What is the CDC spending all those billions of dollars on?

Maybe if they weren’t wasting tax dollars on LGBTQ health booklets and studies, they’d have it available for health issues that concern the other 98% of the population.

Reason Two

As soon as President Trump requested to use current money available from this year’s budget for Coronavirus response, House Chairwench Pelosi and Senator Chucky Schumer screamed, “No! ” The reason Trump requested to move money around rather than wait for Congress is he wanted the money now. Simple solution by a problem-solver and the typical foot-dragging reaction by the do-nothing Pelosi House.

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“Too little too late,!” the babbling duo yelled. Then they did nothing to set the wheels in motion to allocate funding. Yet they want to use a delay in Coronavirus response to attack Trump, when they are sitting on their hands hoping the situation gets worse.

The nine percent (9%) budget cut previously imposed by Trump would have been covered several times over with his requested $2.5 billion. But the Dems don’t want to save lives, they want death and mayhem if it will cost Trump the presidency.

If Dems gave a crap about public safety, would they want to open the borders to drug traffickers and terrorists? Would they stop ICE from deporting criminal illegals, or concoct their catch and release programs of violent criminals in their cities?

Reason Three

Trump’s orders to restrict potential coronavirus health risks from entering the country have been ignored by the State Department and Health and Human Services: This from the NYTimes:

Trump Was Furious That Passengers With Coronavirus Were Brought Back to U.S.

Among the passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were flown back were 14 American citizens who tested positive for the virus. The move took Mr. Trump by surprise.

Officials at the State Department decided to bring back the citizens, who had been quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, after consulting with a senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services.

But officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention objected, concerned that the passengers, among hundreds of Americans being evacuated from the ship, could spread the virus.

Once again, Trump’s Deep-State Department defied the president’s order, this time it concerned denying infected people entry into the US.

 Even the judiciary is getting in the way

 Earlier this week, Obama-appointed  District Judge Josephine Staton, in San Francisco, stopped the transfer of Coronavirus infected patients from Travis AFB to a quarantine facility in Costa Mesa. She wanted a week to consider the move. Leaving infected people on a major military base, rather than moving them to a quarantine facility poses health and security issues for our military.

President Trump will be under attack for as long as the Coronavirus provides an opportunity for the Democrat-media complex to launch their bogus assaults. Don’t buy into any of it

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