(Natural News) After the coronavirus collapse, CNBC promises there will be a “V-shaped” recovery. (A quick rebound.)

Less delusional people think it might be a “U-shaped” recovery. (A slower recovery.)

More realistic people have figured out we’d be lucky to have an “L-shaped” recovery. (A flatline.)

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But as I wrote a few days ago, we’re actually going to experience an “F-U shaped” recovery where the wealthy elite and big banks run off with all the money while screwing everybody else. (Like always. What else did you think would happen?)

Today we bring you the best video of the week, a rant by Louis Rossmann who is due to collect $130,000 from the small business bailout program, but has discovered that the whole thing is a total joke and the bank website pages don’t even work.

In other words, the small business bailout program is a bigger disaster than Obamacare.

Yep, bend over and get prepared for the F-U shaped recovery, because that’s what’s about to be shoved down your throat if you’re a small business owner. (Because the criminal financial parasites at the top never lose a dime, no matter how big they’ve messed up.)

Warning: The following video contains extreme profanity, and Louis deserves an award for the most creative use of the “C-word” that I’ve heard in a long time.

Truly, this is an instant classic. It gets better about half-way through.

Oh, and if you’re looking for more entertainment, don’t miss my hilarious rap song that I wrote in 2008: “I Want My Bailout Money.”

The lyrics are even more appropriate now than in 2008. (Yes, it’s really me singing… or at least screaming.)

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