(Natural News) Being a liberal in America means you can hold two opposing ideas or stances in your head at the same time while believing both are true. You believe you are fighting racism while standing face to face with a black cop while flipping him the bird. You can believe that everyone should be on lockdown due to Covid-19 so Trump’s economy will get crushed, and then believe you should also go to a Metropolitan city and protest in huge crowds that all blacks deserve reparations for slavery.

You can also protest racism in America and the ill-treatment of blacks, while you spray paint and deface the memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln – the very man who freed the black slaves. Maybe it’s time to lock up all the rioters and prevent them from voting in November, since they can’t make any sense of their thoughts anymore. It’s time to tag ‘em and ban ‘em all from participating in the very system they seek to destroy.

Democrat Governors keep small businesses shut down, threaten to arrest anyone who opens their business, while praising Democrats for protesting in crowded streets and destroying property

All small businesses in blue states must stay shuttered, while BLM and the terrorist organization Antifa hit the streets protesting, along with Democrat politicians cheering them on and joining in. That’s the hypocritical Left for you in America. None of it makes sense and they don’t care, because the whole liberal platform is rooting for a communist takeover of America where everyone gets free money for nothing while losing all their Constitutional rights and privacy.

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That’s right. According to the Left, you should throw bricks at black police officers while standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow domestic terrorists, screaming that America is unjust and that all cops are racist bastards. Remember, don’t leave your house because we are in the middle of a horrific pandemic, unless you are trying to remove Trump from office, then you are completely immune to all germs, bacteria and viruses. Don’t worry about getting thrown in jail where you could easily be raped and/or contract Covid-19, because Soros and Obama will bail you out instantly and the Leftist-appointed judges will throw out your case. Sounds perfectly logical, right?

We must all have the right to vote from home to stay safe from coronavirus, but definitely go fight the war on racism by protesting in huge violent crowds while burning down and looting a city you don’t even live in. Fight violence! Punch those violent cops (black, white and brown) and throw Molotov cocktails at them while declaring that you hate violence and racism in America. That, my friends, is liberal logic 101.

Deputy Chair of Democratic National Committee promotes terrorist Antifa’s burning churches, killing innocent cops, and destroying property, by posing with Antifa propaganda book

Yes, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) promotes violence to fight violence. Another massively hypocritical liberal moron who says he finds the Antifa book good for striking fear in the heart of Donald Trump. Surely, the President, who is in charge of America’s military forces, is trembling in his boots because some low-grade thugs are swinging sticks in the streets in their black hoodies and waving their fascist “anti-fascist” flags.

Oh wait, you can’t access that tweet? Don’t wonder why. All of social media is run by the fascist Tech Giants who also seek the destruction of America. Go figure.

Yes, the book on how to burn down America and kill people for being “racist” is promoted on Amazon and by leading Democrats as “a smart and gripping investigation” of anti-fascism, even though seething fascism is the central platform and ideology of the organization. Antifa’s main goal is to incite violence at peaceful protests so America seems to be under siege and consumed by race wars. It’s all just smoke and mirrors staged, funded, and presented by George Nazi Soros, mainstream media and all of social media.

Some of the protesters are so dumb, they’re literally stealing Apple i-phones that have trackers, ensuring they’ll be found later and arrested.

No matter what the liberal morons are preaching, get out and vote them all out of office in November, and keep Trump safe so he can protect the Constitution for 4 more years. Tune your internet dial to ProTrumpNews.com for updates on Antifa terrorists going to jail for their crimes.

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