This is what happens when those charged with enforcing the law become more concerned with terrorizing law-abiding citizens rather than dealing with criminals committing the crimes.  As a police station and city hall are overtaken by rioters in Seattle, the latter with the aid of treasonous councilmember, a hotel in Minneapolis has been taken over, and they’ve raised over $130,000 to turn it into an operations base.  GoFundMe refuses to pull the fundraiser for these terrorists.

First, let’s take the story of what is going on in Seattle, Washington.

RT has the story about the police station:

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After police in Seattle, Washington retreated from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, protesters took over the abandoned ‘regime’ precinct and erected barricades to mark an ‘autonomous zone’ for several blocks around it.

Six blocks of downtown Seattle have been declared the ‘Free Capitol Hill Zone’ or ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHAZ), according to area activists that have taken control of Seattle PD’s East Precinct, on 12th Avenue and E. Pine Street.

Journalist Julio Rosas tweeted photos from the ‘zone,’ including flyers demanding that Seattle PD be defunded, and declaring that police “will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.”

Journalist Andy Ngo described the group in control of the area as “Antifa,” and cited tweets to suggest there were armed guards among them.

The report of armed personnel seems to have been confirmed by another activist, who said that members of the John Brown Gun Club – a leftist militia also known as Redneck Revolt – “showed up to offer help, some armed.”

Sympathizers have described the atmosphere inside the zone as “wonderful” and peaceful, more like a concert than anything else.

“Police want you to think that without them there will be chaos. But what if without them there was peace?” mused Resistance activist Joshua Potash, holding up Seattle as an example of what Democrat demands to ‘defund police’ might produce.

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Police Chief Carmen Best confirmed that her department evacuated the precinct on Monday evening as an exercise in “trust and de-escalation.”

Two days earlier, Seattle PD used flash-bangs and pepper spray to push back demonstrators at 11th Avenue and Pine Street, just a block away, after they had moved a security barricade and allegedly threw objects at officers. Protesters insisted that tear gas had been used, but police denied it, saying they had not violated the 30-day moratorium on the substance declared by Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat.

City authorities may be expecting the activists to disperse, but the barricades and the content of their social media suggest they intend to stay. Local businesses and residents have “agreed to disaffiliate from Seattle basically,” in the words of one activist, who called it a “flux state in the making” – a reference to an anarchist commune from the fiction series ‘Shadowrun.’

Maps of the zone apparently made by the activists refer to ‘Captured Regime East Precinct’ and also use ‘regime’ to refer to reported police positions.

Democrats have ruled Seattle for almost 50 years. The current city council has eight Democrats and one socialist.

Meanwhile, Seattle’s City Hall was opened to rioters by Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who used her own key to unlock the building and let Antifa and Black Lives Matter inside.

Protesters and rioters have been allowed into Seattle’s City Hall after Councilwoman Kshama Sawant used her key to unlock the building and allow them inside.

Sawant has been calling on Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign over “violence and brutality” by police in the city’s response to the “overwhelmingly peaceful” riots they have seen in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In a press release last week, Sawant said that the mayor “has repeatedly unleashed Seattle police to use ever-escalating violence against ordinary people protesting the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many other black and brown people.”

“The police have inflicted tear gas, mace, rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades, curfews, arrests and other repressive tactics on Seattle activists and residents — including children — in an attempt to bully and silence the protest movement,” she added.

Fairbanks also reported on the takeover of the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel on Tuesday.

The Antifa militants and rioters claimed that they were given permission by the owner to take over the building after they opted to flee the city and evacuate their property, but they were evicted by the owner on Tuesday following a drug overdose in the building.

On the GoFundMe page, the organizers claim that rioters who were fleeing from police had entered the hotel on Friday, May 29.

“They finally found refuge in a hotel a few blocks away. Throughout the night, people came in with harrowing stories of terror from police and other white supremacists. The National Guard shot rubber bullets at our community members who stood outside to protect the building. So much of our beloved Lake Street burned around us,” the GoFundMe campaign says. “The next morning, we learned that the hotel owners planned to evacuate, but so much of the community was still in need of shelter. With the owner’s gracious support, people stepped forward and created a mutual aid community care system.”

However, the Star Tribune reports that “the hotel owner, Jay Patel, bought it earlier this year and was in the process of rebranding it, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. While volunteers are looking to keep the shelter running permanently, Patel told the Business Journal this week he does not plan to keep it as a shelter for long.”

The group claimed to be sheltering over 200 homeless and displaced people.

On a Facebook page made for the commandeered hotel, the rioters wrote “there is no going back to how things were – this isn’t a hotel anymore, this is a mutual aid community care resource made possible by George Floyd.”

The anarchists now say that they want someone to buy them another hotel.

The Star Tribune reports that “Patel and a team of volunteers had grown increasingly stressed and exhausted accommodating guests, many who were dealing with mental illness and substance use problems, Delaney said. There were about 35 to 40 volunteers staffing the hotel at a time, but many of them were also organizing in other ways following Floyd’s death.”

We’ve seen this one before, haven’t we?  Someone behind the scenes is funding this.  The hotel owner didn’t just do this out of the goodness of his heart.  We all know it and we all know that Antifa and BLM are funded from inside and outside the US.  The question is, when are those with the authority going to put a stop to that funding and arrest all involved and bring them to justice?

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