(Natural News) During a recent segment on BBC, communist China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming was asked point-blank about viral footage that has recently resurfaced of Uyghur Muslims being shipped off like concentration camp prisoners to unknown locations, to which he responded with ignorance and denial.

According to Liu, this terrifying imagery of Uyghur prisoners kneeling with shaved heads before being corralled into human cattle cars is inaccurate and could have originated from anywhere. But U.S. officials claimed to have confirmed its authenticity, demonstrating that a massive holocaust-type situation is occurring in China that the world is ignoring.

Much like the National Basketball Association, which is likewise in denial about what is taking place in communist China, Liu is towing the Chinese Communist Party line that everything is just fine in China and that nobody is being abused or killed for defying the communist regime.

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Xinjiang, where most Uyghur prisoners are said to be slaving away in Chinese concentration camps, is “the most beautiful place,” Liu nervously stated upon being pressed about the horrific human rights abuses that are taking place there. Captured drone footage of the area shows innocent human beings being treated like animals, much like the Jews were in Nazi Germany.

“Can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded and shaven, and being led to trains in modern China? What is going on there?” asked host Andrew Marr during the Andrew Marr Show segment, to which Liu responded:

“I do not know where you get this videotape. Sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners, in any country. I do not know, where did you get this video clip?”

Communist China is lying about population numbers in Xinjiang, pretending as though it is not ethnically cleansing the region

After responding that Western intelligence agencies, along with Australian experts, had “verified” the clip, Liu continued to deny any wrongdoing, accusing the West of “making false accusations against China.”

“They say ‘one million Uyghur has been persecuted,’ do you know how many [people] Xinjiang has? Forty years ago it was four or five million, now it is 11 million people.”

This claim has been challenged by other evidence suggesting that the population numbers in Xinjiang specifically have been dropping dramatically over the years due to China’s ethnic cleansing operation.

“People say we have ethnic cleansing, but the population has doubled in 40 years,” Liu further claimed, before being interjected by Marr who stated that: “According to your own local government statistics, the population growth in Uyghur jurisdictions in that area has fallen by 84 percent between 2015 and 2018.”

The only thing Liu could say back to this was, “That’s not right. I gave you the official figure as a Chinese ambassador. This is a very authoritative figure.”

When the topic of sanctions came up, Liu quickly went on the defensive, encouraging the U.K. not to take the same path as the U.S. in taking aggressive action against the communist Chinese regime.

“I think the U.K. should have its own independent foreign policy rather than dance to the tune of the Americans like what happened to Huawei,” Liu stated, referring to President Donald Trump’s decision to ban the use of Huawei technology in America’s 5G rollout.

Should further human rights-related sanctioned be rolled out in the future, the video footage in question will likely be used as justification since it shows the horrors that are taking place in the world’s manufacturing hub, where most consumer goods these days are manufactured.

More related news about the human rights abuses taking place in communist China is available at Tyranny.news.

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