(Natural News) Oops. Armed citizens in Texas, it turns out, shoot back.

Over the weekend, a left-wing rioter in Austin, Texas was carrying an AK-47 when, for reasons still unknown, he decided to fire five rounds into a passenger vehicle in the middle of a busy downtown street. All five rounds missed the driver, once again demonstrating that Leftists have no rifle skills, even during close range engagements. The driver of the vehicle promptly returned fire and killed the assailant with three rounds from a handgun.

Amazingly, no one else appears to have been injured in the exchange of gunfire. (AK-47 rounds, in particular, have a real problem with overpenetration…)

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You can hear the exchange of gunfire in the following video, taken Saturday night in Austin. First, you’ll hear the five rounds of AK-47 rifle fire, followed by a roughly six-second pause, followed by three handgun rounds from the vehicle driver.

Note that all across America, violent left-wing terrorists are now assaulting vehicles, often targeting vehicles driven by White people.

Here’s the video:

Here’s another video showing the BLM supporter with his rifle, along with explanatory narration:

Important lessons to learn from these engagements

  1. Black Lives Matter supporters have poor gun handling skills. They often shoot each other accidentally, and even when they intend to fire at someone else, they can rarely put rounds on target.
  2. Always carry a self-defense firearm (where legal) and have it within reach inside your vehicle (where legal).
  3. Speed is essential in self-defense. The driver of the vehicle in the videos above took six seconds to return fire. That’s about three seconds too long, by the way, but in this case they got lucky.
  4. Understand that vehicles do not block rifle rounds, and they rarely block handgun rounds.
  5. The police cannot protect you. The police have been de-funded, ordered to stand down or completely eliminated.
  6. The violent, extremist left-wing mobs are heavily armed and will open fire on vehicles. These BLM supporters are violent, armed terrorists and insurrectionists. You cannot negotiate with them, and they are immune to reason, as they are driven by media hate. Be ready to shoot them in self-defense when necessary.
  7. If you don’t already own a firearm and know how to use it, you are way behind the curve. Get caught up ASAP.

From Brighteon:

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