(Natural News) California’s public health director recently resigned after it came to light that the Golden State’s official Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers, which she was in charge of managing, were wildly inaccurate due to an alleged computer system “failure.”

Dr. Sonia Angell, who had been in her position for less than a year, admitted in an email to the California Health and Human Services Agency that the number of coronavirus “cases” throughout the state may have been grossly undercounted due to incomplete data. Because of this, mortality rates are probably also skewed.

“Our department has been front and center in what has become an all-of-government response of unprecedented proportions to COVID-19,” Angell’s resignation letter reads. “In the final calculation, all of our work, in aggregate, makes the difference.”

In a statement, Gov. Gavin Newsom offered his thanks to Angell “for her service to the state and her work to help steer our public health system during this global pandemic, while never losing sight of the importance of health equity.”

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What we know is that as many as 300,000 infectious disease testing records were never logged into state databases. Even though not all of these records involve coronavirus cases, many of them do, meaning the state has been making decisions about what to reopen and when based on flawed information.

“Bottom line, our data systems failed,” stated Mark Ghaly, the secretary of California’s HHS, who told the Los Angeles Times that he “became aware of the magnitude of the data backlog in the late afternoon on Monday and alerted the governor and his senior staff shortly thereafter.”

Did California get shut down for nothing?

Californians deserve much more than an apology for this monumental error, the flawed data from which has been used as justification for keeping things closed throughout the state – except for Gov. Newsom’s PlumpJack winery, of course, where business is booming.

For months, Californians have been told that early efforts to flatten the curve had failed, and that the mortality rate from rising infections was too high to reopen the state economy. It is now apparent, however, that the mortality rate is likely far lower than what government officials have been claiming, meaning it was all for naught.

School-age children in California were also recently told that they cannot return to the classroom this fall based on the conclusions that were made from this same flawed data. So will the Newsom administration revisit the situation now that the truth has come out, or will California remain closed regardless?

As explained by Zero Hedge and others, if the official coronavirus case count was massively understated, then the state’s official mortality and positivity rates could be, and likely are, conversely overstated.

This means that businesses, churches, schools, and other institutions that were forced to shut down have all been unjustly punished based on lies and misinformation. Perhaps this is why many now refer to this crisis as a plandemic rather than a pandemic.

“Government officials don’t quite their jobs over computer errors,” noted one commenter. “Either she’s being told to scam the numbers higher than ever and her ethics won’t let her or something even more sinister is at play.”

“Doctors in Sweden say the covid mortality rate is .12 percent and Bill Gates yesterday said .14 percent,” wrote another. “Those numbers are almost identical to the average seasonal influenza. The hoax is falling apart and could be over after the election.”

For more related news on the fraud surrounding the coronavirus plandemic, be sure to check out Pandemic.news.

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