(Natural News) During a recent call to Kamala Harris asking her to be his running mate, presidential hopeful Joe Biden was caught staring at a cheat sheet that apparently contained the very simple words he was supposed to say, demonstrating his continued mental decline.

What should have been a very basic would you like to be vice president in my administration if I win? type of conversation appears to have been so daunting for Biden that he had to have a script underneath his mobile phone to use as reference for his invitation.

As you can see in the photo, Biden was clearly using this piece of paper as a guide to remember the simple question he was supposed to ask Kamala, who appeared to have been expecting his call, meaning she was well aware beforehand that she was Biden’s pick.

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This image, however, is not the same one that was used by MSNBC to report on Biden’s pick for VP. Instead, the fake news outlet used the below image, which was deliberately altered to hide Biden’s cheat sheet and make him appear more cognitively sound than he actually is in real life.

What MSBNC did was add an erroneous blue and white blip pattern above its “Breaking News” banner that conveniently blotted out Biden’s cheat sheet, only showing a portion of his face, hands, and mobile phone.

By the way, you can access more news about mainstream media deception by visiting Hoax.news.

CNN hid cheat sheet and Biden holding his phone upside down

MSNBC failed, however, to hide the fact that Biden was holding his phone upside down, as seen if you look closely at the phone screen and where the iPhone home button is located.

While Biden may have simply been holding his phone upside down to point its microphone at the computer screen from which Kamala was seen talking to him, CNN took the time to cover that part up as well from its reporting on the call, in which both Biden’s cheat sheet and his upside down phone were conveniently hidden from a CNN banner that read:

“Soon: Biden & Harris to Appear Together in Delaware”

As we have come to expect from the lying mainstream media, all efforts are being made to make Biden appear mentally sound and fit for office, when the exact opposite is actually true.

Coupled with Biden’s numerous incoherent interviews and other bouts of nonsensical rambling, it is beyond apparent that the 77-year-old is unfit for office.

What this means is that, should Biden win, yet lose his ability to govern, Kamala would supersede him and become president. And if Biden is not replaced at the last minute as some suspect, America can almost expect to have Kamala become president at some point during the next four years.

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Americans need to be paying close attention to all of this because as entertaining as it might be to watch Biden stumble through sentences trying to form a cogent thought, he does not appear to be the true Democratic pick this fall.

Time will tell if he even gets nominated, but if he does, the country needs to be prepared for a Kamala takeover. Either that or Biden really is just meant to be a senile “puppet” or “filler” president whose strings will be pulled by his controllers for the life of his presidency.

“The debates will show the true extent of Joe’s dementia,” wrote one Twitter user in response to the news about the doctored images. “It is a sad state of affairs in the party of evil.”

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