(Natural News) Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero. Just 17 years old, he stood his ground when viciously attacked by violent Black Lives Matter thugs who were trying to beat him to death. Using an AR-15 and his wits, he managed to shoot three of his attackers, killing two of them and saving his own life in the process. For this, he has been arrested and absurdly charged with First Degree Murder, while all the rioters, looters, arsonists and BLM thugs are of course set free and seemingly never charged with serious crimes.

The lying left-wing media is of course distorting all the facts about this incident, leaving out details about the BLM attackers. Instead, they are pretending that Rittenhouse just spontaneously “opened fire on a crowd” without any reason whatsoever. That’s totally dishonest, malicious reporting by the treasonous left-wing media, which distorts everything and lies without remorse.

Here are the facts about the Kenosha shooting that the lying left-wing media refuses to report:

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#1) Before engaging BLM terrorists with gunfire, Kyle Rittenhouse was attempting to flee attackers, one of whom threw a molotov cocktail at him as he was running away. He ended up cornered between some cars, at which point he faced his attacker and fired, shooting the attacker in the head. Self-defense shooting. (It also turns out the attacker was a registered sex offender who was convicted of a sex crime involving a minor.)

#4) One of the assailants, the man whose right arm was nearly blown off by Rittenhouse, was carrying a gun and is reportedly a convicted felon. So lets not pretend that these were “peaceful protesters” chasing Rittenhouse and trying to kill him. No, they are violent Black Lives Matter terrorists and criminal felons. You can clearly see the pistol being carried by this assailant in the following frame:

The man who was shot in the arm has been identified as Gaige Grosskreutz, a member of the People’s Revolution Movement, a communist group that seeks to overthrow America. According to numerous media sources, Grosskreutz is a felon, which means his carrying of a pistol was an illegal weapon to begin with. He was also clearly attacking Rittenhouse, as public videos now show.

Here’s the shot where Rittenhouse nearly blew off Grosskreutz’ arm as Grosskreutz attempted to attack Rittenhouse with a pistol:

#5) Rittenhouse was very selective in his targets, only shooting those who were imminently attacking him. He did not shoot bystanders or other people. This was not a “mass shooting.” It was a self-defense shooting that only targeted those individuals who deserved to be shot because they were attacking him with potentially deadly weapons.

#6) The police decided to show up immediately after the shooting, proving that they were nearby the entire time but decided not to bother with protecting innocent people. Once the shooting took place, they arrived in less than a minute. At that time, Rittenhouse raised his hands and attempted to turn himself in to police, most likely to explain that he was involved in a self-defense shooting. He did not try to flee the scene, he actually tried to make contact with police on the scene.

#7) The police then ordered Rittenhouse to leave the scene, so he went home. The media then whipped up a whole series of lies about Rittenhouse, falsely claiming he was a “white supremacist” and calling for his arrest. At this point, police went to his home and arrested him.

The entire incident was clearly Kyle Rittenhouse acting in self-defense against crazed, violent lunatic BLM terrorists who tried to kill him.

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#8) Earlier in the day, Rittenhouse was volunteering with other people to clean up graffiti painted by Black Lives Matter thugs:

One of the BLM thugs chasing him was running around screaming, “Shoot me, [email protected]@a!” and begging to be shot. He was eventually shot in the head, granting his wish. Turns out he won’t be screaming “[email protected]@a!” any more.

Rittenhouse defended himself as any honest, law-abiding citizen would

So yet again, it is abundantly clear that the BLM thugs chasing Rittenhouse were criminal-minded individuals who were trying to beat him to death. Rittenhouse merely defended himself using the tools at his disposal (a rifle).

Rittenhouse is an American hero. He did what all the police, the mayors, the governors and the National Guard troops refused to do: He shot some violent BLM thugs and thereby helped clean up America’s streets. Why won’t the police do the same?

Consider how insane it is now with local authorities charging him with first degree murder. Really? Premeditated murder? It’s a joke. Absurd. Officials refuse to charge rioters, arsonists, looters and homicidal maniacs with anything, but they single out this young man with an attempted murder charge for his acts of self-defense?

This is the real injustice in our society: Innocent people get charged with crimes while the real criminals go free.

This entire incident could have been avoided if cops had been doing their jobs in the first place. But they are ordered by Democrat mayors to back down and allow chaos to unfold. So if cops won’t do their jobs, then guess who that responsibility falls back onto? The people.

It’s time for patriots across the country to rise up and peacefully protest in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, a courageous young man who achieved what all the cops in the country couldn’t do: He finally engaged and killed some BLM terrorists who were engaged in acts of extreme violence.

This is a good start. Two down, two thousand more to go…

America needs to decide right now whether we’re going to defend this nation or surrender it to a gang of violent criminal left-wing lunatics who despise America and want to burn it down. Kyle Rittenhouse, for one, refused to bow down to terrorism and Black LIES Matter. For this, he should be celebrated as a hero and immediately released, with all charges against him dropped.



No more bowing down to BLM thugs and left-wing terrorists. When they attack, shoot them. Lay them out on the very streets they tried to seize and burn down. For if America is ever to return to civility, peace and the rule of law, those who act like violent terrorists must be engaged with force and eliminated from society.

Only then will Americans be able to return to safety and civility once again.

Rittenhouse just showed America how it’s done. It took a 17-year-old man to demonstrate the steps necessary to reclaim your country from criminal insurrectionists, lunatics and raving mad, rage-filled nut jobs who only want to Burn, Loot and Murder. That’s BLM.

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