Kyle Rittenhouse was “turned on” by a mob on Tuesday night in Kenosha for trying to put out car fires after having put out a fire at a Church earlier in the night, according to a man who reportedly witnessed the riots first hand and allegedly met and joined with Rittenhouse to protect a local business.

The witness told The Vicki McKenna Show during an interview on 1310 WIBA on Friday that Rittenhouse and others, including military veterans, responded to a call on social media from a business owner to help protect his business which had already been partially destroyed during the prior nights of rioting.

The witness, whose identity McKenna says she confirmed but called “Walt” to avoid doxing, said Rittenhouse was with his brother that night who “was his guardian at the time which made it legal for him to possess a firearm.”

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Walt said Rittenhouse got separated from his brother by police MRAPs trying to disperse the “wild” crowds and police wouldn’t allow Rittenhouse to cross back and rejoin their group as the situation was getting out of control with “gunshots” and explosions going off.

Rittenhouse walked by himself to try and meet up with another group “down on 63rd” for safety reasons and called Walt and his brother’s group to say, “There’s cars on fire down here.”

“Earlier in the night, he put the Church next door — with another one of our people in the group — he put the Church out of fire,” Walt said. “So he’s running there, cars are on fire, he wants to put the cars on fire out.”

“Well, the crowd did not like that, so they turned on him,” Walt said. “Which, at that point they were chasing him around the area.”

“I mean, they saw him as a young child, so he was prey to them, they could easily take advantage of him, steal his gun, do whatever horrible to him,” Walt said. “At that point, I believe, is when he defended himself first.”

Listen to the full interview from 1310 WIBA:

UPDATE: Newly discovered video shows Rittenhouse running with a fire extinguisher:

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