WHEC reporter Charles Molineaux was attacked and chased by a knife-wielding Black Lives Matter mob during “protests” on Sunday night in Rochester and yet his own news station ignored the incident and described the night’s “protests” as “peaceful” on their front page.

Video shows Molineaux and his security guard getting attacked and called “Nazis” after apparently getting accused of being undercover cops.

An African-American man with a knife is seen running at them and threatening to stab them repeatedly, only backing down when Molineaux’s security guard turns around to defend him with an expandable baton.

Here’s screenshots of the knife:

The top story on WHEC on Monday morning had header image reading, “Demonstrations end peacefully overnight.”

The story itself, titled “Fifth night of Daniel Prude protests” and updated at 4:47 AM, made no mention of Molineaux and his security guard being attacked and chased out of the area by a violent knife-wielding BLM mob.

News stations will throw their own reporters under the bus (and reporters will take a knee) in service of the narrative.

I reached out to WHEC for comment to ask why they ignored their own reporter being attacked and described the protests as “peaceful” but did not receive an immediate response.

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