(Natural News) The crisis America is facing today isn’t merely a “current events” crisis involving riots, arson, attacks on police and extreme censorship of conservatives and Christians. It’s much more than that: It’s actually a spiritual war being waged across this planet, with left-wing demons rising up to try to destroy society, mass murder Christians around the world, silence all voices of reason and burn down human civilization.

This is further evidenced by the fact that BLM leaders are heavily into witchcraft and satanism. As explained by Alex Newman at TheNewAmerican.com:

Now, newly released audio recordings reveal the occult practices, ancestor worship, African paganism, and literal witchcraft of at least one of the national group’s co-founders, as well as the founder of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter. Apparently the entire George Soros-funded leadership of BLM is involved in these practices as well.

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In the audio, BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors, who boasted in a TV interview of being a “trained Marxist,” revealed that she is also consulting spiritual entities and allowing them to “work through” her. “I’m calling for spirituality to be deeply radical,” she said. “We’re not just having a social justice movement, this is a spiritual movement.”

Yes, a BLM co-founder is actually summoning demonic “spirit guides” to work through her to destroy humanity. Here’s the video mentioned by Newman:

These BLM terrorists actually invite the demonic spirits into their bodies, and they often work with multiple infestations of demonic entities:

In a recorded conversation with Cullors, BLM Los Angeles founder and California State University Professor of “African Studies” Melina Abdulla reveals more than she thought she should have. “Maybe I’m sharing too much, but we’ve become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly, right.” she explained. “Like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality, you know. I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know. And I didn’t meet her in her body, right, I met her through this work.”

Note that she is a professor of “African Studies,” which has already morphed into an anti-human, anti-white indoctrination training system that’s turning young human beings into Satan’s soldiers for destruction and mass death.

As Newman explains:

Talk-show host and Christian attorney Abraham Hamilton, III, first aired the audio recordings on August 19 during his show The Hamilton Corner. His conclusion is that the conversation proves top BLM leaders are involved in witchcraft, “summoning the spirits of the dead,” and engaging in other satanic practices that are firmly condemned and strictly prohibited in the Bible.

The solution to the rise of demonic Leftists can only be found in God

The war we are facing in America today is not merely a kinetic war, and not simply a culture war. It’s a spiritual war being waged by openly demonic, anti-Christ forces who worship death and beg evil spirits to give them the power to destroy. These people are called “Antifa” or “Black Lives Matter” terrorists, and they have long since ceased to be human, as they are literally infested with demonic spirits.

While some of the actions of these demonic Leftists can be countered with force, the greater answer to all this must come from God. Specifically, America must end its evil ways and beg God for forgiveness or be destroyed as a result of its collective sin.

America’s 60+ million abortion murders cannot be swept under the rug. They have unleashed an enormous ripple of evil — a kind of tearing of the fabric of the divine cosmos — that has allowed Satan-worshiping demons to enter this realm and literally occupy the bodies of left-wing activists, many of whom welcome these demon forces as revealed above.

New York City is the epicenter of abortion murder and evil in America, which is why it’s collapsing into a ghost town

If the Holocaust was a crime against humanity with six million murders, what should abortion be called with 60 million infant executions? The epicenter of this murder is New York City, which recently suffered extremely high death counts during the early days of the coronavirus bioweapon release. New York City is where left-wing Satan worhippers light up buildings to celebrate the mass murder of babies after they’re born — straight-up infanticide — while state legislators cheer the laws that legalize such practices.

Under the rule of the radical Left, America has become a nation steeped in pure evil: Abortion, transgenderism, Satan worship, witchcraft and the overt destruction of property, life and liberty. These are all signs of a demonic war being waged against America… a war that must be answered with the power of God.

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In this video, I urge all Americans to awaken to this essential, powerful truth. We must join together and denounce abortion, transgenderism and pedophilia. We must beg God to forgive the sins of this nation, and just as importantly, we must steer America onto a new course that is aligned with God’s plan for a nation founded on Christian principles.

This is the only path for saving America, and the time is growing late. The left-wing demons have already overtaken Hollywood, the corporate media, our school systems and much of the government. They run the medical system and fund the sciences. They promote vaccines made from aborted human fetal tissue, all while funneling money into virology labs to build more biological weapons to be unleashed against humanity.

Meanwhile, California just legalized pedophilia, allowing adult men to sodomize young teen children and get away with it. This evil must be halted, and to do that, we must invite the blessings of Jesus Christ into our lives and beg God to forgive our nation.

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