(Natural News) A terrorism expert is calling attention to China’s ties to the riots that have been seen across the United States over the last few months. Author and researcher Trevor Loudon recently spoke about the connection in an interview on the Epoch Times’ Crossroads program.

Loudon, who has been researching terrorist and radical groups and their influence on mainstream politics for more than three decades, said that some of the organizations that have been behind the riots include the openly pro-CCP Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) of Minneapolis , the Chinese Progressive Association and the Bay Area’s Liberation Road. According to Loudon, Liberation Road is a Chinese-directed socialist movement that draws from Marxist ideology, and its website says it is focused on building resistance to Trump.

Liberation Road is “the parent body of Black Lives Matter,” Loudon says, and was behind the Ferguson unrest in 2014 as well. The group split from the FRSO a few years ago after a disagreement about whether or not to work with the Democratic Party.

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One of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, is the principal of a project known as Black Future Labs that is funded by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), according to the Black Future Labs donation page. There are two organizations with the CPA name, and both are controlled by Liberation Road and Maoist communists.

The Boston CPA worked officially with the Chinese Consulate in New York to help Chinese nationals renew passports, earning praise from Chinese state media, and has sponsored flying the Chinese flag over the city hall of Boston in honor of the Chinese Revolution. Meanwhile, the San Francisco CPA is tied closely to that city’s Chinese consulate. Both, Loudon says, are front groups for the same communist organization despite being governed by different boards.

Black Lives Matter is also tied to the CCP via its alliance with Asians for Black Lives. Two of that group’s leading founders are past leaders of the Chinese Progressive Association. One of them, Eric Ma, was a close ally of an identified CCP spy who once worked for Senator Dianne Feinstein by the name of Russell Lowe.

Groups on a mission to make America “ungovernable”

Meanwhile, Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s mission is fighting for socialism within the U.S. and to establish a new communist party. This is according to its website, which also declares it is pro-China. It follows CCP propaganda and some of its cadres live in China.

FRSO member Jess Sundin was behind the riots in Minneapolis, and Loudon has a video in which Sundin admits to being the main organizer of the riots. She also spoke about how happy she was to see a police precinct burning to the ground. Sundin also stated that the arson, looting and violence were an intrinsic part of the movement rather than the result of a peaceful demonstration being hijacked.

According to Loudon, unrest and riots in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Jacksonville, Houston and Kenosha were also organized and coordinated by FRSO. On the day President Trump was inaugurated, their political secretary, Steff Yorek, said: “We need to stay in the streets the entire four years opposing Trump and making the country ungovernable.”

China’s backing of these attacks on American cities should be getting far more attention than it does. It is clear that the CCP wants to weaken American society, and those who support groups like Black Lives Matter are helping them destroy the country.

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