A hired gun for the station 9News shot and killed military veteran Lee Keltner at a “Patriot Rally” on Saturday afternoon in Denver.

The shooter, 30-year-old Matthew Robert Dolloff, is being held and investigated for first-degree murder but has not yet been charged, according to the Denver Police Department.

[UPDATE: City Of Denver: Accused Shooter Matthew Dolloff Is Not Licensed to Be A Security Guard]

A news photographer captured the shooting in a series of pictures (WARNING GRAPHIC):

In the third photo, you can actually see the shell casing being ejected.

The shooting was barely captured on video at a distance:

A left-wing agitator was screaming the N-word at Keltner and others right before the shooting, which is partially captured at the end of this video (GRAPHIC):

Dolloff appears to have reached for Keltner’s pepperspray and then pulled his gun and shot Keltner in the face after Keltner tried to back away and defend himself with pepperspray.

Leftists were heard celebrating the attack in the immediate aftermath.


Dolloff’s social media accounts show he’s a big leftist himself and was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

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