(Natural News) What follows is a compilation of the latest intel from several sources.

First and most importantly, the Democrats’ own internal polling tells them Joe Biden will lose the election next week. They are well aware of this and have been for some time. The pro-Trump Black vote — which is currently running at an astonishing 31% according to Rasmussen — is the final nail in the coffin (see below).

One of the bombshells we’ve learned from our sources is that several of the large, mainstream polling companies are outright fabricating polling results. They’re not even calling people, in other words. They’re just pulling numbers out of thin air and committing straight up scientific fraud. Thus, the issue with the polls is not that they are “oversampling Democrats,” it’s that they are total fiction. The “methodology” doesn’t matter when the numbers are all invented in the first place.

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The real polls are never made public, because the real polls show Trump winning in not just an electoral landslide, but even winning the popular vote as well, our sources tell us. This is what Democrats are now desperately trying to flip with vote fraud: Denying Trump a popular vote victory so that they can once again attack the Electoral College and claim Trump is an “illegitimate” president.

Critically, the more deeply Democrats realize they can’t win this election, the more likely they are to launch “nuclear option” false flag attacks and terrorism events to try to plunge the nation into chaos.

Some Dems believe they can counterfeit enough ballots to win by cheating

The recent SCOTUS decision to allow Pennsylvania and North Carolina to counterfeit more fake ballots for nearly two weeks after the election is giving some Democrats confidence that they can still steal the election, we’re told. If they can take Pennsylvania through post-election ballot fraud, they may not have to invoke the nuclear options they have ready.

So the real battle inside the Democrat party right now is whether they should unleash the nuclear option to plunge the nation into chaos, or hold back on that and pin their hopes on stealing Pennsylvania and another 1-2 battleground states to claim an electoral victory.

We are now told that because polls are strongly turning against the Democrats over the last few days — with Joe Biden plunging while Trump is rising among unexpected groups such as Latinos — the Democrat puppetmasters are leaning toward their nuclear option.

This option is a “Zero Day” attack on America’s infrastructure. This attack is likely to include:

  • Mortar attacks on police stations and fire stations (China has supplies BLM terrorists with 60mm mortars)
  • Kinetic attacks on power grid substations and power generation plants (to plunge the nation into Joe Biden’s “Dark Winter”)
  • Violent uprisings in the streets, where Leftists deploy firearms and bombs to start mass killing conservatives and Trump supporters
  • Door-to-door executions of Trump supporters, conservative news reporters and Christian leaders
  • Bombings of government buildings with high explosives (C-4)
  • Shutting down national transportation by fire bombing bridges and roadways while sabotaging rail lines nationwide
  • Cyber attacks on hospitals, government offices and telecommunications infrastructure

The result would be the plunging of America into chaos and civil war, which would open the country up to an invasion by communist China, the very same nation that already runs Big Tech, much of the mainstream media (see this story for details) and nearly all high-level Democrat politicians (including Dem Senators).

Be prepared for these possibilities, and make sure you are ready to defend yourself, your family, your community and your nation.

When Trump wins, the Left will invoke their nuclear option, and then it’s anyone’s guess how quickly things fall apart.

In my assessment, Trump wins with over 300 electoral votes:

Joe Biden’s “lead” is rapidly collapsing:

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